Customer leave a negative feedback


Hi Guys! Happy Holiday!

  1. I have a customer that they want to return the shoes that they ordered but it’s already worn. I replied that I sincerely apologize, unfortunately, I cannot accept your return due to the shoes is already worn as I explained with worn shoes we are unable to list this product back on Amazon. We only sell first quality merchandise and expect returns to be the same. A customer leaves negative feedback today. Replied by Amazon Feedback Manager we regret to inform you that we are unable to remove this feedback since the feedback you received was not in violation of our guidelines.

  2. This second customer also leaves negative feedback at the same time as the other feedback.
    The customer received an incorrect product. a Customer didn’t give me a chance to resolve this matter there were no messages from the customer.
    on Amazon Product Page someone hijacks the product details the picture was changed to a different product. As I also explained and attached the evidence to Amazon I received same respond.

Normally, when I requested a feedback removal and explain my side and they removed it right away but then after October 2019, every time I requested a feedback removal with the same template that they just denying my request.

I do not know what else we can do to solve this matter. I need your advice. so we can correct this kind of issue.

How do we sell?
We do fulfillment by merchant only. Because if we FBA there is no profit.


Your return policy has to be equal or better than Amazon’s.


That’s the way it is. The only solution is to sell a few hundred more and hope for a positive responses. The negatives will start to fade away. Just make sure you respond to the feedback with your side of the story. :train2:


Thank you for your reply. I indicate on our return policy that they can only return unworn shoes.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing I reply and explain my side. It’s just unfair we’ve been doing our very best.


You have to accept all returns within 30 days of delivery. If it’s November 1st or later, the customer has until the end of January to return the items. You can charge restocking fees per Amazon policy when you receive the items back, but you have to accept the returns.


Hello Orange, thank you for your message. uhm even tho the shoes are already worn for 3 weeks?




Is there another way to contact customer? I know that we cannot call the customer that’s why I’ve been only using Amazon messaging system, I’m thinking that they don’t really check their emails or they don’t know how to check their messages on Amazon inbox.

 AWESOMEKICKS -- You go ahead and you process the return you keep shipping both ways, and refund 50% of the cost of the shoes...

If you deny the refund you basically have set yourself up for an A to Z claim where they basically get to keep the shoes and get a refund from Amazon which comes out of your pocket…

We’re also getting into the holiday return. Where they basically get 90 days to send stuff back or maybe it’s 60 days I don’t remember oh, I get very few returns…

Good luck I would go ahead and shoot them an email, just in case even if they’re not going to be reading it if it goes to an A to Z claim Amazon looks at that email correspondence to decide who’s at fault?


While it may look unfair, feedbacks are not as popular, and are not left as often as they were 20 years ago. We use our feedback for advertising to the new potential customer. :train2:


There really isn’t such a thing on the buyer side. You can find the message “center”, but only if you know to look and are bound and determined to find it.


You can follow Amazon policy and not ship incorrect items. You caused both of the negative feedback scores. If I buy shoes on Amazon, while I wouldn’t wear them for 3 weeks, I would expect to be able to return if they did not fit. Benefit of buying on Amazon. You don’t get special treatment.

Sorry to be blunt but this is a self-inflicted wound.


I totally understand how the seller shipped a so called “wrong” product. Lots of my listings have been suddenly merged with different products because of faulty A.I. or another seller. In these cases I never receive notification that my item is now incorrectly listed. It stinks & the wrong item sent by the seller is not their fault. In my case I have thousands of “one off” listings and can"t possibly be expected to monitor them all.


And yet, you are expected to monitor them all. When it sells it takes a moment to check the listing to confirm it still matches. Easier to resolve the issue before the customer gets the wrong product than after.


Totally agree with that. My sentiment is when a sale goes bad because a listing has been changed, without seller notification, it is easy to receive bad feedback that really isn’t fair to the seller. If they had notified their customer and explained the reason for cancellation, the odds are still high that they will receive negative feedback.


There has been recently modified listings by Amazon or the buy boy merchant. If the listing changes after the purchase, who is at fault? It’s not the seller. It’s an Amazon issue at that point. I had 2 vendor listings changed by Amazon while products were in transit. We contacted Amazon seller support - spent 3 hours on the phone (phone support) and eventually they were changed back because the updated listings were incorrect, wrong pictures, and listing features that were not even part of the products.

the problem is that the seller never gets notified of a product listing change at all. That is not the sellers fault and agree you can do a quick check of the product page before selling, but if you get hundreds of orders a day, that is a little too much to ask for.


100% of all our products are based on UPC when we add the product. As I also explained that to Amazon, I receive the same message, we regret to inform you that we are unable to remove this feedback since the feedback you received was not in violation of our guidelines.

I cannot change the product details because we are not the brand registered.


You don’t need to be brand registered to change product details. You used the UPC, get your proof together and open a case with seller support through the product change page.