Customer issue


if a customer order a product its shipped out then find text and say we see that item for a lower price can we be compensated. what should i do?


You are not required to price match.
You can send the buyer the message saying that you do not price match.


thank you and another question. How much should i charge for a shipping to Hawaii?


You should determine what the package would weigh and check USPS for pricing. For Hawaii, it would be hoped you can make use of some sort of flat rate envelope or box.


thank you another issue. This customer claim he try to put the tracking number in ups but nothing coming up shipment went out yesterday.


Shipments to HI, for us are as as bad as to WA. If you know what zone HI is in for you, you can Google USPS 2020 123. Be sure to look under Commercial Prices. But if it fits, it ships in flat rate, you are lucky!


Was the package shipped by UPS or did you use USPS?


i was talking about ups the tracking number not working what should i do?




I am sorry but make up your mind. What issue do you want to talk about in this thread?

First you start with lower price found.

Then cost of shipping to Hawaii.

Now it is tracking on UPS.

So, lets go with the last. Where did you buy your label? Did you hand it to a UPS driver and see them scan it? Drop it off at a UPS store? If so when? Oh and does tracking work for you??


ship it through ups gave them tracking number but when you put tracking number in on ups you get a state saying no info


Any answers to these questions? If you cannot track the package, no one can. It means to the world that you did not actually ship the package.

Customer invoice

still not telling me nothing cause the order was submitted


Which post are you responding to now?


Good luck. I’m going to tiptoe away now.




Call UPS and ask them what’s going on.
Then report what you’ve learned.
If you find tracking info on their site, do a screen shot and send it to the customer.
These are just my suggestions regarding the issue of UPS.
However, whatever you do in any situation, always treat your customers with courtesy and respect.


You might not see tracking activity until Tuesday.
Saturday, Sunday, and the Holiday on Monday means UPS is closed. Tell your customer that.
Too late, but Priority Mail flat rate is much cheaper to Hawaii.
If you already shipped it, as you said, you can’t charge anything additional for shipping.

Judging by your questions you might want to put your account on vacation and read up on Seller University.


I’m following youm, bookwormapril :upside_down_face:


If you dropped off a ground package at a shipping outlet on a Saturday then it will stay there until a UPS driver picks it up on a business work day.
Normally, the UPS hub does not scan ground packages on the weekends.
Since, Monday is a holiday, you will probably see your first scan for a ground package Tuesday night.
The fastest way to see a scan is if you have a driver scan it or you drop it off at a UPS hub.