Customer didn't return FBA item, Amazon took 242.15 from me and returned 221.06 to me


Amazon processed a FBA return and took 242.15 from me
The customer never sent the item back so Amazon credited me back 221.06
Do I not get the other 21.09 back?

I understand if the item is lost or damaged etc that certain Amazon fees are not reimbursed but this was customer said I want a return, money out, then money back after they kept it less 21.09.

I opened case and after 4 replies they still do not understand my simple question.


Yes, that is correct. They keep their fees.


I do not understand why. It was not a return they processed.
I know how those work.

The customer clicked return code “item no longer wanted” then just decided to keep it.

So how are they entitled to the 21.09? The customer is going to be charged the original sale amount, Amazon gets their fees and I should get my 242.15. The way it is now Amazon is getting their fees and the additional 21.09 from me.


Yes, Amazon double charges for FBA fees in instances like these instead of simply reversing the refund and thus restoring the original transaction. It is a racket, but there’s not really anything we can do about it.


there’s a return fee… if it’s an FBA item


See this thread, a lot of discussion about it:

It is total BS, but this is how it works for everyone. It isn’t a mistake.


Thanks for the link, guess I missed it searching.

I thought I knew all the crappy ways Amazon screwed sellers but didn’t know this one.

Why don’t they just triple dip by charging the customer for the shipping label they didn’t use just because they clicked return item (sarcasm)

Reading that thread most sellers don’t even realize they are getting double charged on returns kept.

So free money to Amazon for any buyer that clicks I want to return anything then keeps it.


The way they process it is like they actually did receive the return and then the item sold again, so the additional fees would apply. Really crappy, because they aren’t performing any additional service.


Even more egregious is when there was never even an actual return initiated and the reason for the refund was the fault of Amazon and/or its carrier - like Order Not Received or Shipping Address Undeliverable.