Customer complaining about USPS holding package


I bought a book from Amazon as a gift for someone. She told me it never arrived so I contacted Amazon.
Turns out the package was delivered. She apologized and said that she thought that package was something her husband had ordered.


The first thing never suggests an A2Z complaint. You are about to open up a can of gummy worms. Secondly, cut and paste the delivery information in an email. Remember you are making a paper trail. Finally, always answer email even if the answer is to check your mailbox. Amazon is a great place to be but a lot of their people take the short road home. What does that mean? They will refund the customer without checking the details. They are Amazon customers buy they pay you for your product or service. Take a moment and give them the quality of service that makes them want to leave positive feedback for you.


What does all this mean? I shipped the book on Saturday, July 10, 2021. Are you saying they never received the book [“Algebra” by Michael Artin]? What am I supposed to do now?


i would just copy and paste the same message about filing an A-Z claim every time they message you if you are worried about hitting the no response button.


If Amazon actually followed their own Buy Shipping policy ALL of the time then I wouldn’t worry about A-Z INRs. But they don’t, so I try to avoid them from ever being opened.

One thing bad buyers hate is drawing attention to themselves and their accounts so when you tell them you are looking into the matter they tend to just go away.

Once you open a case request with the USPS it gets forwarded to the recipients delivering USPS location. They will research the package and then call or email you the results of the investigation ( usually this takes just a couple days). I give the buyer the case # in case they want to call the USPS and check on it themselves.

I do this for all the platforms I sell on and more than 75% of the time the buyer just crawls back under their rock. I rarely get A-Z’s or neg feedback because again - bad buyers don’t want platforms looking at their accounts - you can only make the same false claims so many times.

Same goes with returns - I never refund w/o receiving the item back. So many returns get opened claiming defective / missing pieces or whatever and then they don’t every send the items back …and again these are items in the $50-$200 range.

Sellers who just refund are incentivizing bad buyers


have you tried to get in touch with that USPS terminal to see what happened ?


You are not covered with A-z. The only time you are covered is if the item is marked delivered. And for people who will say no that’s not right - yes it is right. We have had 3 A-zs with items LOST and Amazon found us at fault, ODR counted, and seller funded (and lol to buy shipping). You are not covered - so best decide what you will do. If it is marked delivered and held at post office then that’s a different story - as long as it says delivered which you said it has a scan of ‘delivered picked up at post office’ then you’re fine.


File a Missing mail report with the USPS. That will do it.
How to file a report:


Bed-Sty ?


I always love your contributions!! You put all of our experiences in your one-liners based on yours!!


Close - Jerome, lol. Before that it was Jersey City.


Jerome Ave I,m guessing. I’m from North Bergen, never went past Journal Sq much.
I remember when movie theaters @ J Sq left the house lights on during movies

In the 80’s UPS stopped all deliveries in Bed-Stuy; danger to drivers was so bad
J City really improved, it’s almost part of the NY financial district now
Hoboken (no-mans land when I was in HS) is like a section of G Village now
Good to see these changes for the better, but regular people are priced out by NYers w/$


Haha, I used to live approximately behind the Journal Square White Castle… haven’t been there for some years, but the last time I was, the construction had been finished on the plaza outside the PATH, and I was favorably impressed, though I imagine the rents have risen along with the improvements. The only really bad part of living in Jersey was the fact that I was always, and I do mean at least 90% of the time, the person who arrived at the WTC station just as the evening train had arrived, and thus had a hearty 20-minutes wait parked on the platform baked into almost all my commute times.


Disagree. I believe this is a perfect example of a case for executive support. @jeff_h, I would forward the case to The executive team needs to review issues like this where their automated systems are clearly not striking through feedback that should be removed based on a service you have paid to receive.

This is not regular feedback removal. This is delivery related.


It appears that I misspoke about the notification mechanism having been a News Headline, my friend.

I checked my notes, and all I found was a record of some of the topic-threads I read that included the text of the email that Amazon sent in early December`20:


Dear seller,

You are receiving this email because you recently left a comment on a review.

While reviews and feedback are important to our customers and sellers, the comments feature on customer reviews was rarely used. As a result, we are retiring this feature on December 16, 2020.

We are committed to your continued success and will innovate and develop other opportunities for you to connect with customers.

Thank you.

Amazon Services


Mea culpa.


We got this message from a lovely lady yesterday, totally made my day:

My package was supposed to be delivered today; when I checked the status, I got the message “Delivery attempted today at 10:54 PM
Unfortunately, USPS couldn’t complete your delivery and is holding it for you to pick up. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.”. I have never seen this before, and I WANT MY PACKAGE NOW. If I understand correctly - I´m confused -, you are asking me to go to some place to pick up the f**** shower!!! I CAN’T MOVE. I BUY ON LINE BECAUSE I CAN’T GO PLACES. Please let me know when will you be delivering my package to my address where I have been receiving my Amazon purchases for more that 10-15 years. Thank you.


Well, the customer sent a message stating that the package ended up being delivered and all was good. I had to ask him to remove the feedback which he did, thankfully.

In the end, it worked out for us. Still, I hate that this wasn’t just removed by Amazon. Our sales avg $14 so the feedback removal is more of a reason than A2Z refunds that we use Buy Shipping for.


Congratulations are in order!

Thanks for updating our Seller Community, my friend.


I would recommend buying a lottery ticket while on this streak :slight_smile:

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