Customer complained my product was not brand new


We have sold 1000s of white uniform shirts with very little issues but this one customer complained that her order was a used shirt so the item was " not as described." They want to deactivate my listing and it had an option to appeal but it just takes me to an email. I have emailed them but I haven’t heard back. What are the next steps I should take?


Is your listing deactivated now?


It has not been deactivated yet. I think it was pure luck but I had 2 return on the size 8 in white and one person was upset so it really dinged my metrics. Otherwise, my account is 0% for everything else. We sell very boring uniform shirts so the good thing is no one really has a opinion about them.



Kindly wait for the reply from their end.

As the complaint is in regards with the product condition (used like new item), you need to address the given issue by understanding the root cause, as why did the buyer felt that it was a used item. For example- was the item sent dirty or torn, if that is the reason? Try to put the preventive steps on how you would ensure that you would avoid such instances.

In addition, you need to submit the invoices given by your supplier to prove that you are procuring new items.

Requirements of the invoices are as follows:-

Copies of invoices and receipts from your supplier issued in the last 365 days.

Contact information of your supplier, including name, phone number, address and website

The documents should reflect the sales volume during the last 365 days.

The plan of action should be of this format which are as follows:-

-root cause

-Corrective steps- what reactive measures have you taken to ensure that such complaints do not arise.

Preventive steps- how will you ensure or what plan would you put so that these complaints are taken care and avoided in the future.

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Are you using FBA? Is the shirt in question possibly the same shirt that was returned by a customer and just put back in stock by an FBA employee?

We can no longer request that returns be removed and shipped back to us (allowing, sellers to inspect the product to make sure it meets our standards for resale, Billy in the warehouse could care less, he’s just worried about meeting his quota)…so it becomes a catch 22 for sellers. The next buyer is unhappy because they don’t receive a new pristine shirt shipped from the warehouse, complains and Amazon dings the seller and requires the seller to jump through hoops to keep their listing active.

I would immediately refund the buyer and send a new “pristine” shirt to the buyer…OH, that’s right, Amazon won’t allow sellers to see the buyer’s addresses any more so sellers can’t jump in a fix the mess that Amazon created…and provide good customer service. Catch 22+1.