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People need to stop refunding customers because they can continue to file claims. Once you file 2 or 3 A TO Z claims, buyers can no longer file claims. If your professional, courteous and offer to replace if lost, and customer files claim. DO NOT BE A SUCKER- Let amazon handle the claim as the crooks will be weeded out.
METRICS WILL NEVER BE PERFECT- and sellers are being taken advantage of. I can understand every once and a while things do get lost. But i am having too many people claiming items not recieved on my inexpensive items and i am sending replacements left and right. I believe i will stop selling low end goods soon as ITS NOT WORTH THE GRIEF! Its not about the money- its the principle!
lots of luck
john p nunez


I can agree with jnunez1025. I’ve gotten several complaints about not getting their package in the past month, this is WITH delivery confirmation, probably about 10, 4 alone in the past week! I’ve let it all slide by and given them all refunds without efforts to locate. Now I’m starting to think these customers are getting smarter with how to use A-to-Z threats in their corner. I know a fellow seller who’s been selling for years and have always had mysterious “lost” package situations go in high gear around the time school starts. He says his biggest loss are school books and believes it’s a ‘trick’ some students learn to get the books they need as well as a refund. It’s a lose-lose situation for the seller, you lose money you invested in the item, mailing the item plus a refund! It would be great for Amazon to track how many returns these customers do, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they had multiple buying accounts.


Before we could at least leave feedback when a buyer left negative feedback and claim non reciept with proof of delivery confirmation. So one could go to feedback and see notes seller can leave on customers. You could then weed them ouit!


Necro thread alert. The O/P has not posted here in almost three months.

Your post contains excellent advice nonetheless.


IMHO a buyer who is willing to wait a bit longer for the book to show up is being much more reasonable than the one who jumps to an A-to-Z claim while still in the delivery window. There’s nothing suspicious about getting a non-delivery claim at this point.

+Once the tracking get confirmed from the USPS that’s it.+

Not really. Delivery Confirmation doesn’t necessarily mean that the buyer received the package. Many folks who post here have had the experience of not receiving packages that were scanned as delivered. It happens.

+Why would this be the sellers fault.+

Not your fault. Your responsibility. That’s how mail-order and online-ordering businesses work.

Working with the buyer to help locate the package often results in it turning up at a neighbor’s house, or back at the local post office, or even in their own house where their kids forgot to tell them it had arrived.

+Anyone can claim they didnt recieve an item and get there money back. Who helps the sellers out in this situation?+

Two things help you out. One is that most buyers are honest. The other is that you can purchase Signature Confirmation, or use another delivery method that will require a signature.

Yes, once in a while a package will get lost in the mail. And yes, once in an even greater while, you may get scammed by a false non-delivery claim. These should form a very, very small percentage of your total sales.


I just had the same problem. I shipped out a book which according to the tracking number they received a month ago. Filed acclaim a few days ago saying they never received it. So this person waited over 3 weeks to do this. According to Amazon we as sellers have no backing by them regarding this situation. Anyone can claim they didnt recieve an item and get there money back. Who helps the sellers out in this situation? Once the tracking get confirmed from the USPS that’s it. Why would this be the sellers fault. I blame the buyer who waited 3 weeks to file a claim. So now I’m out of the book and the money.
Not a happy Amazon seller.


Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes.
Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes.
Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes.
Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

… What if you just spent $50 or $whatever at a store you trust, and “IT” said item was delivered but you still do not have it?

You did not purchase risky / unreliable shipping method. You paid for product and you paid for shipping or the store offered free shipping and now the store/vendor did not deliver. It is not your fault. You, the customer paid good money and expect trouble free transaction.

Not all transactions are trouble free. Snowstorms, Hurricanes, Fires… human errors. Well, you the customer paid the merchant to deliver, in spite of possible monkey wrenches in the sum of all things. You did not purchase an adventure of hounding the shipper, the adventure of repairing a product that was supposed to be brand spanking new…

The bottom line is, we the merchants are responsible to deliver an item to the customer, as we say we will and when we say we will. We get paid for that. We select our suppliers, we select our shippers, we insure against the “monkey wrenches”.

So if you are seeing a rash of orders that are claimed as not received but delivered, use shipping insurance or switch a carrier for a more reliable one. It carries a cost, find a way to build it into your costs so it would end up a Win-Win situation when something like this happens.

I remember I got upset first few times when tracking showed delivered but it was not. Making things right in those cases is cost of doing business. We choose to be “self-insured” because only about 1 shipment out of 5,000 ends up like this and we have to reship/replace/reimburse/refund… whatever makes the customer happy.

Fraud might be more rampant in product lines like electronics, in our sphere is it almost non existent. But still, when we get an order to be delivered to a forwarder in Miami - knowing the items are destined out of country and change hands and prone to loss-claim, we spring for that extra cost (and piece of mind) and purchase signature delivery.

Amazon wants you to always put yourself in customer’s shoes and if you do and you would be happy, or even impressed or totally blown away how a bad situation turned into a good one, then you did good as a merchant for that customer. It’s not letting the customer take an advantage, it is a philosophy of excellence at any situation… I think that is what we are shooting here for.

PS - Sorry for the long post. I do not post much but I am an avid reader and thankful for the wealth of knowledge shared here.


yes , great comment. Recenty i shipped a bandana to client. stated he did not recieve. IN error i shipped 2 more , which were delivered one 2 days later and one 3 days later. I can believe someone did not get one, even two. BUT THREE??? Then he starts telling me he will report me to amazon. He stated he lived abroad an was shipping to friend. He was not even in coutry- I JUST BEING ME, AND CURIOUS OFFERED TO SEND ONE TO HIM DIRECTLY TO ARGENTINA. AS SOON AS I OFFER THIS HE NEVER REPLIED AGAIN, JUST FILED CLAIM , WHICH AMAZON FUNDED AND HIT MY METRICS. Once he did not provide his address for shipping abroad, i new he was a scammer- why pay for something you already recieved-


The more I read the forums - the more I regret that I havaen’t looked here years ago. I would’ve closed my seller account right then if I knew sooner that Amazon is in complete support of cheating buyers, and don’t give a thing about sellers. Way to go, Amazon


I am thinking about closing my sellers account as well. Just decided to share with all of you my recent experience with A-Z guarantee claim team.

In June I sold set of books and shipped it. However, the buyer states that he received an empty open box. The tracking numbers says package delivered.
I contacted the USPS and they said that the package was delivered and there is no any records for any damage of the package. Everything is good.

The buyer filed a claim, Amazon debited my account and refunded the buyer. So now, I am with no books and money, but the buyer has them both.

I provided the tracking number, copy of the original receipt with this number, and a letter from the buyer with printed photos of my box with the tracking number on it. Even with those evidences Amazon states that they do not have prove for actual delivery of the items and advise me to sent all my items with signature up on delivery. It does not make sense, the buyer can still say that the box was empty and open.

Just Amazon does not do very good job looking thru all the proof seller submit and they don’t mind to support frauds.
I will attach one of the photos buyer sent me in the mail, and then Amazon state buyer did not receive the package.


I’m sorry this happened to you. It is highly plausible that the box was damage in shipment. This is a common occurrence. The damage to the box is consistent with the damage from a diverter hitting it on a high speed belt.

This happens especially with weaker boxes like the one in the photo. It shows a weak spot along the corner and further appears to have been patched together by a warehouse employee.

Amazon will find in favor of the customer because you have no proof that the package didn’t break open in shipment. Tracking does not show that the package was damaged and the post office does not mark the package if it is damaged or missing its contents. All they do is deliver to the address on the label.

This issue is one you need to take up with the courier, not Amazon. If you have items that are heavy such as what would have been in that box, you need to be sure the package is secure and will not damage when hit by a diverter to knock it off a high speed conveyor to a chute that drops it into a ten foot deep bin with other heavier things being dropped on top of it.

If you think the best solution for you is to close your account when a package is delivered empty and Amazon finds in their favor in a claim, then so be it. You will not find any other online or mail order venue that will do anything different.


Give Solutions

This question seems like it gets asked once a day.

If you shipped via USPS, tracking/delivery confirmation is not proof of delivery. If the items is a higher valued purchase, ship via signature confirmation. Only those package that have to be signed for, have proof of delivery.

If the buyer files an A to Z claim, it will be a ding on your metrics. If you get enough of these, it will put your account in jeopardy. Amazon will most likely take the money from your account and refund the buyer.

It is in your best interest to work with the buyer to locate the package. Have them check with their local post office. Dollars to donuts, the package is at the post office waiting for them to pick it up. It might have been misdelivered and be at a nearby address, a mail room or with someone within the buyer’s house. Start with contacting the buyers local post office and see if the package is there waiting for them to pick it up.

If the package can not be located, I would refund or replace.


Sometimes the mail carrier gives it to a neighbor. Tell your customer to check with his/her neighbors while you check with the local post office.

It is more reasonable to assume that the post office workers are lazy than to assume that your customer is dishonest. If you and your customer cannot find the package, then, yes, you should refund.


While the responses keep coming in, you might want to search for Delivery Confirmation threads here and also on old Amazon message board,


Hi, actually you would be responsible and should refund but, depending on when the delivery tracking is showing delivered I recommend the following:

  1. if delivery tracking is showing delivery yesterday - ask the buyer to wait a day - for some reason I have had some packages showing delivered the day before the package is actually delivered
  2. ask the buyer if its possible that a neighbor took in the package for her/him -
  3. depending on the price of the book I sometimes contact the delivering post office and indicate that receipent is indicating that the package was not recieved but delivery tracking is showing that it was delivered - they can check with the actual carrier. Lynne


I think Amazon should dedicate an entire forum on non-receipt of packages with delivery confirmation. I am sick of reading and discussing the matter. My apologies to the poster…running out of gas on the matter.


+You should be the one to contact the buyer’s post office. don’t ask the buyer to do that. Give the PO a call and ask if the package is lying around anywhere or if anyone remembers delivering to a neighbor or something out of the ordinary. Chances are, any postal employee is not going to remember any one single package, but if there was anything ‘different’ about it, they may remember something. It’s worth a shot.+

Great advice, trietminh treasures.
Feel free to make clarifications to may post anytime.


Toy Pride gave an excellent response; however, I’d just like to make one clarification. You should be the one to contact the buyer’s post office. don’t ask the buyer to do that. Give the PO a call and ask if the package is lying around anywhere or if anyone remembers delivering to a neighbor or something out of the ordinary. Chances are, any postal employee is not going to remember any one single package, but if there was anything ‘different’ about it, they may remember something. It’s worth a shot.

You can ask the buyer to check with family members, but don’t make it sound as if you are washing your hands of the situation. Reassure the buyer that if the package is not found, you will issue a complete refund or send a replacement. Ask which one they’d prefer (if you have another one to send). If they want a replacement, send it out asap and use priority shipping.

Just so you know, you have a very slim chance of that packaging ever surfacing. So, be prepared to issue a refund or send another one. It will just be easier on you if you resign yourself to that now instead out holding out any hope.


PS - Oh, and don’t wait for them to get back to you. If you don’t hear back from them in a few days, send another email and ask if they had any luck.

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Hi Give Solutions,

This thread contains some great advise from your peers. In all cases when a buyer claims non receipt of an item, we encourage our sellers to work with the buyer to reach an amicable solution.

If it comes to an A-to-z Guarantee claim and the package was sent without signature confirmation, the A-to-z Guarantee team will investigate the dispute. Amazon may contact the buyer to confirm non-receipt. If no receipt is confirmed, the seller may still be held liable for lack of fulfillment - Amazon will not cover service errors, including loss, theft, or postal/shipping issues. Amazon will, however, continue to protect sellers from fraudulent buyers and A-to-z Guarantee abusers.

I hope this information helps.

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