Customer Accusation


Well this is a first. Woke up this morning to a performance notification from in which the buyer accused me of draining a gallon jug of a cleaning product and sending them a “fake refilled item.” The exact notice is:


We are reaching out to you because of a buyer complaint about the condition of an item they received from you.

Examples of these items are at the end of this email.

Your listings are still active, but please resolve the issues that caused the complaint.

Review your listings and make sure that the following points are reviewed

  • The items exactly match the product description on the detail page.
  • The items are listed according to our Condition Guidelines.

You do not need to reply to this email.

You can edit your listings in the Inventory section of Seller Central. If we receive more complaints about your listings, we may not allow you to sell on

You can see the health of your account in the Performance section of Seller Central.

To learn more about our policies, search for these topics in Seller Central Help:

  • Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions
  • Product Detail Page Rules
  • Condition Guidelines

To talk to someone about this email, ask our Seller Support team to contact you.
[Contact us](

You can see the health of your account in the Performance section of Seller Central

Seller Performance Team

|Complaint Type|ASIN|Title|Additional Information|
|Inauthentic| …The seller is likely using the actual product then selling a fake refilled item. Sigh…|

I would love to respond to this scurrilous accusation with invoices showing that the product is legit, however, there is no appeal button and they clearly say “you do not need to reply to this email.”

What should I do in this situation?

Thanks for any advice.


Hello @J_H_Discount_Sales,

Apologies for the delayed response to your inquiry.

I understand that you received a buyer complaint about the condition of one of your products and you would like to know what to do at this point. As mentioned in that notification, please ensure that all of your listings are accurate. Your items should be matching exactly to their product detail pages should be listed according to Amazon’s condition guidelines. Doing so will allow you to correct any information that may not be accurate which therefore could prevent similar complaints.

If you need additional assistance with this, refer to the performance notification and contact us as outlined.