Creating removal orders just got easier


…by the time we get our stuff back…we will be saying, “when did I order this?” :slight_smile:


@Amazon_News I selected “Delay my removal by 30 days” and nothing happened and the drop-down option no longer exist. What can I do? Thank you for your help.


They are not frozen any longer. They have been returning our stuff. And some stuff that is not ours. It must be really hard for the worker to tell the difference between a golf glove and a pack of seeds.


It is not easier. Why can’t you just leave things the way they were? The home page is terrible now. I can’t find anything. Where are your stranded and excess units listed now? Every change you have made has made my life more difficult!!!


LOL popped into my head right away- you beat me to the punch!


Yes, i agree…this new way is crap. Not Bulk sku removal friendly.


I agree. Lately, I have the second replen shipment inbound, before the first one has been opened. Just sitting on the dock for 2 weeks. Makes it difficult to keep your inventory metrics in line.


Oh Cool! Thanks Gardenking. I wish you great selling on Amazon!


Thanks Jeff


This is terrible, 1. you have to enter every quantities you need to remove for each SKU, can’t you just select all inventories available for removal?
2. Every time i choose more than 200 SKUs, this page got error and i have to go back again.
Please fix this.
Conslusion, this is much more difficult than the old interface


Well this whole removal thing is just a lie - it might be now “easier” to raise a removal but actually getting your stock out is a completely different matter! I have so far waited nearly 3 months for one removal and so far 2 pcs of the 35pcs to be removed have made it out!

Utter Joke!


It has been a nightmare for me. They are penalizing me for the inventory they won’t return. It is aged inventory,. I just receive my final warning. What the frack does that mean?


I need to update my comment. Apparently, as long as your account health displays in good standing, the “final warning” is not the kiss of death. I was worried about losing my account. I lost storage space, but I am not positive the two are related.