Creating removal orders just got easier


We have improved the Create removal order page to enable you to:

  • Start and complete the creation of removal orders on the same page
  • Access the Automated Unfulfillable Settings from this page
  • View the total fulfillable and unfulfillable quantities that are available for removal
  • Get a pop-up message that confirms the removal order has been submitted

For more information, see Remove inventory from a fulfillment center .


Fantastic news. Really like the new UI.

Any news on the time frame for removal orders? We have removal orders still pending from 4 months ago.


Us too, I have seasonal Christmas products that have been pending for 110 days now. Any updates on timing would be greatly appreciated.


I tried using it yesterday because I got an email saying my stuff was going to disposed of by Amazon since I had not requested a removal in a while. Funny thing. I request removals almost everyday.

Any way I went to the removal screen and it is not easier. It is hard to understand and takes longer to use. Why can’t they just leave stuff alone. If they want to improve then get the FBA warehouses to check in stuff faster.

In my opinion.


I think it was easier before the change


Why create a new interface while removal orders are frozen? This is tone deaf.


Not easier. You have to edit the address screen by opening a new window, instead of being able to edit in the same window. The new interface does not support Chrome commonly used data, so I have to type all the destination information (I label boxes based on what is being removed). The reason items cannot be removed does not show up unless you expand the menu. This is highly relevant due to the in-progress transaction “error” that is stranding inventory without the ability to be removed.

While you are at it, how about educating seller support about the “in-progress transaction” error so we don’t have to explain a known error over and over. Tired of being told inventory has been stranded this way since January is simply part of an existing removal order. No, it can’t even be added to a removal order.

But hey, otherwise, great job Amazon. We appreciate you fixing something that didn’t need to be fixed.


The only thing I see differently, and it is minor, is that if something is not actually available for removal it will tell you before you create the removal order.

Today I got a notice of 4 stranded units (2 skus). Neither actually available, since removal was requested back in February! This is at least the third time they’ve shown up as stranded.



Okay…Easier… Send me my stuff I requested back in March!!!


Perhaps instead of making the creation of removal orders easier, you might want to spend the effort and energy into completing removal orders that have been pending since March (and April, 2 more in May from items put back into stock from the March removal order in error, and a smattering here and there from June.)

Read the room, Amazon. Interface updates without supporting the back-end completions are tone deaf.


the only ways to improve removal orders is to:

1 - make them happen faster (currently a range of 1 to 180 days)
2 - let us pick the specific units by FC

Other than that… Ooooh pretty … doesn’t make life easier.


Jerry Seinfeld, amazon seller:

  • You see, you know how to create the removal, you just don’t know how to fulfill the removal. And that’s really the most important part of the removal: the fulfillment. Anybody can just create them!


The new page is terrible.

It leaves error messages every time you use it.

It does not add unfillable inventory like the old system did


This is getting old. Please stop meaningless beautification updates on UI. Please improve stuff that really matters. MWS, back end functionality, etc…


How about stopping automated disposal orders until the removal order system is up to date. I have $1000 worth of stuff thrown out and they refuse to reimburse or acknowledge there is huge backlog on the removal orders.


Probably because Amazon wants to “keep your stuff” by “disposing of it.” If Amazon can make it harder for sellers to get their wares back, this means more stuff for Warehouse Deals and more money for Amazon.


Try to beat my 18 month removal order. I hopya cant.


I stopped getting reimbursed over a year ago for all my FBA inventory. I hate to admit the amount of inventory that just disappeared. My fault for trusting I guess. I am a fool.


yeah great - but will it speed up the removal? I have had a removal for a massive 37pcs open for over 1 month and so far 2 pcs have been shipped! :roll_eyes:


To us it was a disaster. One of our colleague removed 800 units of sellable items and 20 units unsellable back to our return address. They were shipped from different Amazon FCs in 100+ packages and now we are waiting for them to be all received.

The removal order was created Jun 10 and we never thought the system will automatically include so many sellable units since we do that almost every week. Now maybe it does not do that but the Jun 10 glitch was a disaster to our inventory.