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Hello, I have been looking for a resource paper that steps me through the whole setting up my product for a 50% off promotion code for the month of Oct. Is there a document or report you can suggest that will help a newbie like me?


I am going to quote MAV-DAK:


If you are a ‘Professional Seller’ (paying the $39.99 monthly subscription fee) then you have access to the [Promotions|] section of Seller Central. You will want to create a ‘Percentage Off’ promotion and add ‘Tiers’ for different quantity levels and discounts for each level if needed.

I would suggest reading the following help page to understand how promotions work:

  • [Promotions|]
    If you are an Individual Seller, then you do not have access to run promotions.


Thank you Rushdie. I was looking at that doc, but it’s one of those docs that takes you to other, and then to others, until you can’t find you way back. I was hoping there was one, all inclusive document.


I am trying to create a special promotion for my book that is sold and fulfilled by Amazon. So I actually have no inventory.

Is it best to create 1000 unique codes that then I have to email out individually, or can I create one code that anyone can use. We will be going out on social medial to promote this offer. the offer is good through 10/31/17

The book is designed as a way to educate the market about password security.

What setting would I use for one code? Group? and do I use Exclusive?

Any other setting?


I have to admit, I am personally at a complete loss when it comes to promos and even the Amazon Help files are +still+ showing an +“Amount off (in $)”+ option, which no longer exists.

I do know it is better to create unique coupon codes and +not+ use Exclusive, but that’s about it.

I also know mistakes can be very costly, with sellers being wiped out of stock over night, because they did not limit the quantity to 1 per coupon code.

Well, I will keep looking and hopefully by bumping the post, someone, who is very familiar with promos, will add something you can work with.

By the way, a much needed book and hoping many people will learn from your advice.


Group has no limits. Like the other poster said you could be wiped out immediately if someone spreads the code on a large site or something.

If you use single-use, you’ll have to go into the promotion after it’s created. ->manage claim codes. From here you can set a group like “10/3/17” and set quantity to 15. You’ll then download a file with 15 unique codes that you’ll have to distribute individually.

[Exclusive vs. the other options|]


Since I am selling my book that is printed on demand through CreateSpace, the price is still above my costs, and there is no inventory, then I don’t see the risk even if the code is stolen since they still have to buy the book.

Do you disagree? If you do what are the best settings?

With one code then I don’t have to send our custom emails all day. I am doing a promotion for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so I want as many purchases as I can get so people can start understanding how to secure their computer networks.

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If you’re comfortable selling possibly more than you expected at the discounted price, then by all means use group. Set a nice catchy discount code and enjoy.

If you’re not running any other promotions then just go ahead and use Exclusive.

Group + Exclusive + (Don’t forget to set a expiration and specify the SKU you want it to apply to)


And what’s the problem with that if he’s prepared to take the 50% off and still make a profit?

He makes what’s equivalent to 500 sales at once? Aside from shipping complications I don’t see the problem.


What you do not want happening, is for +one+ buyer to purchase 500 copies in a single sale. If the promo is set up incorrectly, that may easily happen +and+ has happened to sellers.


The idea is to promote awareness to as many people as possible; not have some greedy bookseller, swoop down on them and resell at a profit. Although I can see your argument as being, “So what? The book will still be out there.”


Okay, got everything set up and running, but is there a way to test it?

I went to the site, entered in an order, but when I typed in the code I get the message:
The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase

How can I test?


What I’m more surprised is that the Amazon system would allow something like this to hurt their vendors. I watch a number of videos and one even talked about the “Box of Doom” and to never check it.

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