Create a Coupon Code for Specific Customers



I wanted to create a promotion that I can share with specific customers, either individually or on social media.

Is there any way this can still be done without having to offer the deal to every customer?

This would have worked great:

But, I see under Advertising > Promotions, the external benefits are discontinued.



We do it on all of our other online venues because we own their email addresses, but would never try it on Amazon. The customers are Amazon’s not ours.


Lately we’ve been getting a lot of repeat customers and I wanted to set up and share a code they can use on their next order for 15%.


You can do this easily by setting up “single use promotion codes”

You have to set up a promo and choose " single use codes". After that you have to go to the promo and click on “Manage Claim Codes” There you can generate as many single use codes as you like that can be sent to particular customers to use.

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