Covid 19 with vacuum sales bio hazard


we sell vacuums.
people are going to vacuuming their homes they may have covid 19.
week or two later may wish to return it,
with covid 19 Bacteria in the units …
these are not 50 dollar vacuums, they are 500 dollars plus units…
their bio hazard?


You cannot refuse a return


It might be best, unfortunately, to deactivate vacuum listings during this crisis.

Other posters are correct in that policy still has to be followed concerning returns but
we empathize with you.

We would not want to take any vacuums back for the reasons you listed in your original post.
Potential virus contamination could possibly make these 500.00 units junk or make you and
your workers sick.

Unlike many returns, a vacuum seems like it would be sucking in a concentration of virus if
present and would be harder to decontaminate as in you could not just wipe it off with Lysol.

How would you know and how would you resell them?

Perhaps waiting the official amount of time for the virus to die but what a mess.


Covid 19 is not a Bacteria, it is a Virus. How are you advertising this? Customers can return any thing within 30 days after receipt, REGARDLESS. Withhold restocking fee according to Amazon guidelines.


Treat them the same as you had before. Other infectious agents which could show up in a vacuum have been around for ages.


You have more risk now and year round from things that actually would survive in a vacuum cleaner such as toxic mold, other fungi, and even bacteria.

You come across as yet another seller abusing the current pandemic as an excuse to try to rip off customers and justify refusing returns.

Your options are the same as any other time. Authorize returns within the return window and refund according to policy (if it is a return for a buyer faulted reason you can withhold 50% if the item comes back used) or refund without requiring returns.


That is a bit harsh. English is clearly not the OP’s first language, so intentions are really hard to interpret. The OP may genuinely be scared, or could be a scammer. We don’t know.


Returns handled as usual.

Just quarantine the vacuums for at least five days to be safe.

Use gloves and masks when taking out used bag.

I presume you then have an outlet for used vacs?

But this wouldn’t be any different than normal use when you might also have (as mentioned above) contamination with mold, fungus spores, etc.


You have a legitimate concern.

You can do nothing about it, you must accept returns.

Stop selling them if this does not sit well with you.


Eh? That is not the topic of this thread. Yours is the first mention.


Oops, i have no idea what happened there. My reply was supposed to be on the new-ish thread where someone was asking what Amazon considers price gouging.


not scammer…
do you how many times amazon customers buy new vacuums and return their old vacuums in the new box…
please don’t make assumptions.
it was honest question with honest concerns.


thank you…


would you be will to purchase a vacuum that was used in covid 19 household?
I may just shut our store down…


If you wish to continue listing the item then you have chosen to accept returns

You can do what many of us are doing and leaving the return in a storage room, garage etc… for 3 to 5 days before opening

Many have actually opted to refund without return, due to the cost of your item this is out of the question so you as many must follow and abide by the Amazon return policy

If the item is returned you can charge the restocking fee, if damaged when returned you can charge more but that is all you can do unless you remove the listings - using the virus as a reason unfortunately does not pertain to the item you are selling. refusing for reason - Bio Hazard will not go over well with Amazon and could very well effect your account in a very negative position especially that we do not see customers returning the item with a full bag of debris (although it is not possible)