COVID-19: Update on prioritized shipment creation, new tool to check eligibility


Third party sellers are valued about as much as their own employees…so yes, nobody cares.


We are now observing that even good selling items (50+ per week) with less than a 30 day supply are not eligible to be sent in at this time.

Some much slower selling items in the same category that are below a 30 day supply are being allowed.


You’re in the exact same situation as me.
My sales, too, are like Dec.
And, I too, cannot send items into FBA.
But, that’s ok…I’m hammering FBM full force…


me too


Same here. I have a dozen sold-out skus over the last week and nothing shows up on the restock report.

Nearly all of them show up on managed inventory" restock now" section on my Seller Central page. But none show up on the report. Thus none can be restocked. :frowning:


Seems like this is just a justification for Amazon to restock their own non-essential items without any legal ramifications. After all, they are allowing us to send selective items as well. No discrimination, no harm done.


i think the implication here is that 4/5 date is not gauranteed. Prepare to be held back for longer duration


Not sure what criteria Amazon is using to determine which items they are allowing restocking for but in my case the items are not those that I need to restock. Very frustrating. It may not make a difference because I have seen a significant drop in sales on Amazon while sales are up on other channels I sell through. I hope they figure this out soon because they are losing market share fast in my categories even with product still in stock.

If anyone has an idea why I am seeing under-performance on Amazon recently relative to other sales channels, please enlighten me.


Still getting an error message when trying to download the restock report.


Pretty sure you already know this, but if none of your items are allowed to ship at this time, the report will give an error. (Done No Data) Your post makes it sound like the report is broken. (it might as well be for me, I think I have 2 items showing)

You can double-check by going to Inventory->Inventory Planning, Restock Inventory tab to see if anything shows.

Amazon isn’t promoting themselves on the search engines as heavily right now. At least not on the items I sell.


_ Your post makes it sound like the report is broken._

I have no idea how the reports work.

I am reporting what I see as a problem. I know the forums are monitored.

Your response was very helpful. I appreciate it.


Dear Amazon,

Just a polite comment: My Restock Inventory Page shows products that neither are hot or almost out of stock. Our high-demands items that are almost out of stock are not listed there.

Thank you. Wish everyone safe and in a great health. :sunflower::tulip::evergreen_tree::herb::seedling:


So obviously the April 5th shipping date is out the window.

I pulled up the restock report and it’s recommending a product that I haven’t sold in ages and have no desire to sell again.

Being able to occasionally ship some random item that you’ve sold in the past isn’t going to help at all.

The question now is just when can we expect FBA to open up again.

The beginning of May perhaps?


Hopefully Amazon reads our comments and fixes their bots. So we can be allowed to ship high-demands items.

Hopefully people get better soon!


I have 5 items in my catalogue available - haven’t sold them for over 6 months and they were slow movers. not sure why I have them eligible for shipment creation when my fast moving items I can’t replenish the stock!


The restock inventory page shows different information to the restock report.

There are 3 items on the restock inventory page - when I click on “view all” it takes me to a page which shows only 1 product which has a zero units recommendation.

If I pull the restock report it shows 3 products - these are again different items from what shows on the restock page.

There needs to be some sort of consistency

As of now I’m assuming that we should only pay attention to the report and disregard any other information .


We believe in what you are doing, Amazon. Keep up the excellent work to help people get what they need and not what people want right now. Human life is extremely important relative to everything else and we know you are taking a hit with this strategy. Together, we can make a difference. I plan on not sending anything in to allow the Amazon Associates to get the right stuff on the shelves. COVID-19 outbreak. 30 days from now? I hope we are back to normal.


Restock report is always Error. I tried 3 times.:sob:


I been checking everyday but I keep getting an error when trying to pull up the inventory report. I’m almost out of product and my product is selling very fast, none of my product is on the restocking list. Hopefully, I will get approve soon.


I’m in the same boat here. I only have 1 item out of thousands eligible to send in, and my supplier for that item is closed indefinitely. Many, many good selling items are out of stock and showing on the Restock Inventory widget pinned to the top of the dashboard, but I’m not allowed to ship any of those. Some of these items are essential for nurses, too.

I hope they open some of this up.