COVID-19: Update on prioritized shipment creation, new tool to check eligibility


Exactly the same situation for me. It will allow me to restock two ASIN that have not sold in years. I stopped carrying them because they do not sell. I doubt I have sold ten units in three years. It will not allow me to send any of the sold-out ASIN’s I have sold hundreds of units of.

I sell items that would be considered non-essential, however it is abundantly clear that whatever algorithm is deciding on eligibility is deeply flawed. Amazon needs to revisit this. Rule by algorithm is failing once again.


Dear Amazon, I understand why this policy is in place right now. And I understand that our products may not be considered essential. However, our products do continue to sell (at a greatly reduced rate) and our inventories are low, or at zero for some of our popular products. I would ask that Amazon allow sellers to at least be able to send 1 item, so that we may try to salvage our business as a gesture of good faith to the third party sellers from Amazon. It could be one box, once a day, or every other day or one a week, or whatever parameters that you set. But please, please let us do something!! We are all in this together, and we all want to come out the other side. It would be uplifting to be able to at least send something, anything to FBA. Please consider!


Same. Two shipments checked in a couple days and are already done and selling.


High demand and high priority are two different things


9 products eligible here. All best sellers in their category. Thankful because I was about to run out of one of items that are now eligible.


Welp, I’m now allowed to send exactly one SKU to FBA.

It’s a hymnal that some ingenious grifter somehow got listed under Food Processor Parts & Accessories.

In times such as these, it’s crucial to be able to imbue your Osterizers with the Holy Spirit. Without it, your smoothies might not come out so smooth.


I agree that this is an important question, Restock Inventory Reports are totally irrelevant when it comes to used books / media.


That was my thought exactly, we sell 1000’s os ASINS and only about 20 are on the restock list but almost all of them have a recommended restock quantity of 0. The list makes no sense, I am hoping it will get better but I doubt it.


We feel fortunate with 49. 45 of which were already eligible. 4 newly eligible, 3 of which are understandable. 1 not so much! ASIN: B07JVBQ969 Must be a Rogue Bot, trying to be funny?


You’re lucky! I have permission to restock half of my items. Only the half I’m allowed to restock is mainly for travel, which I hardly see as essential. The other half are household items that every home in America needs, but those aren’t listed as essential. The whole thins seems kind of reversed. Go figure. :slight_smile.


Basically Amazon is prioritizing Chinese generic low quality products. Search for “hand sanitizer” or “paper Towel” or “toilet paper” or “mask”. They are not replenishing with trustable brand names, only overpriced unreliable stuff from China comes as top result. There is no guarantee they meet minimum hygiene or safety standards. Many chinese sellers are very happy with this policy.

Meanwhile we are not able to send best sellers to their warehouse…nonsense.


I’m having the same problem. It’s ok with allowing me to replenish things that are not selling right now (with the exception of 2 things) and not allowing me to sell things that are selling.

I am wondering if customers are turning to other websites since Amazon is showing ship dates of a month or more from now for “non essential” items.

I am curious… are those selling on Ebay or Etsy experiencing a higher rate of sales for “non essential” orders?

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I couldn’t care less I am killing it FM right now it has to go fast, not even waiting until FBA check in faster turn around daily


whats the point in allowing more inbound shipments when Amazon cant even ship pending orders in a timely fashion??!


This is typical of Amazon’s responses.

Vague and top down.

We have businesses to run and need to know.

“We consider many factors when determining eligibility, including high-demand products customers need now; current inventory levels and inventory in transit; fulfillment center capacity; and our ability to adhere to the latest health guidelines.”

We cannot plan with this lack of information.

The report does not work. It comes back as error.


Here are some real and fair guidelines.

If you have more than 30 days estimated sales in FBA, you cannot send more inventory.


This is garbage. This is going to be Amazon’s way of booting off 3rd party sellers. If Amazon doesn’t let sellers send them their inventory for FBA that they have already bought with Amazon loans, you are going to have a ton of defaults on loans. No one is capable of working around these terms unless you already sell toilet paper for God’s sake.


That is wonderful information we were also considering as a reason.

In our experience on some products however waiting until you are below a 30 day supply
before sending in more inventory results in out of stocks and lost sales due to the length of time it generally takes for our inventory to become “in stock”.


I have 12 items that they are allowing me to restock. 12 out of 4000. This is a huge joke.


While I read they will be lifting the restrictions for some items, what I also read was that meant there would still be a TON of restrictions on items. In other words, unless you are selling essential items, the restock option is not going to be your road to recovery with FBA.

This is terrible for every FBA seller.