COVID-19: Update on prioritized shipment creation, new tool to check eligibility


I clicked the first link and it shows no products for me. However, I cannot get the second - the Restock Report - to do anything. For those who this has worked for, does the Restock Report show anything different than the first link did? Thank you.


It’s the same just Excel version.


Thank you so much @TinySeller. Appreciate it.


Check your Business Insurance Policy. If you are an e-commerce business, your policy will most likely have a clause for loss of income which would be covered for disruption to your business income which is out of your control specific to website businesses. Amazon as the marketplace has disputed the income stream, right or wrong, but a disruption and slowdown out of your control. Your coverage make have clause for slowdowns in business or successions of business operations. This is defiantly a slowdown created by Amazon.


Got 1 product eligible its a its a 1 oz cheepie that has a troll selling it for $7.


The COVID-19 problem won’t be solved anytime soon, so its time to expand into the allowable stuff or find other channels to sell the products you have.


I wonder if Amazon is losing money with this strategy. I mean i sell non essential items all in FBA and my sales levels are like December but i’m about to run out of stock and still cannot restock. I’m pretty sure i’m not the only non-essential sellers doing really well sales wise but cannot send inventory in.


And I am allowed to restock 3 diff Christmas baskets


I question whether they have actually implemented anything. As a buyer I got a nonessential shaving item yesterday that I ordered late last week. Yet an essential medicine item that I ordered four days earlier has not even been shipped, according to the updated tracking information.


Right now they are not losing money because of overinflated prices but in a few weeks when there is competition and they need to bring prices down, they will come back to their senses. Remember they lose money on their own operations under normal circumstances. They survive on fees collected from merchants.

However, we need to learn lessons from this episode and look at alternative during this time period.


I sent medical supplies to Florence NJ (ABE8). Items were delivered. It is now 10 days later and they still have not “checked in” status yet. I’m not oblivious to what is going on and there are problems in these warehouses due to crisis, but, don’t say you have prioritized certain items and don’t practice. They are losing my items again in the warehouse and have done so long before the crisis. I suspect they will tell me to wait for reconcile date nonsense, move the reconcile date up daily like a cat chasing its tail and then accuse me of not sending items. Some things never change.


I agree. The recommendations are non-selling items I wouldn’t send if times were normal. My best sellers aren’t on the list. Useless tool.


I actually used the Restock Inventory Page in full all the time to see how many days of inventory I had in stock for each product. Now, I can only use that page to see the one item they allow me to re-stock, which already has two months of inventory in stock.

Is it possible to still see the days of inventory in stock for all products on the Restock Inventory Page? I’ve tried everything–removing filters, accessing the page from different places–but it will still just show me the one product I’m allowed to ship. The page has been commandeered for another purpose right now, but I still need the other information it used to have, even if that information is just to tell me that yes, you only have two days of stock left of this popular product, and no, Amazon won’t let you send more in.


We have the same concern. To combat that, we are only sending half of what we have. Once those clear, we plan on sending the rest. Assuming we are still able to send those! The interesting part is that all of our most recent shipments have cleared. It’s some of our older ones that seem to be stuck in limbo.


It is a bit more work, but the data can still be found under
Reports->Fulfillment->Inventory, Inventory Health.

The ‘view online’ version has weeks of cover (over trailing 30 days), and the downloaded version has weeks of cover based on last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, last 180 days, last 365 days.

It updates once a day.


so the rest of us can go out of biz… are the lives of 3rd party sellers non essential?


What about FBM? When do we get our inventory of these items “unblocked” by Amazon?


Thank you, Autonomoose!


What about books and video games that are used? This never show up on restock inventory reports so can those be sent?


Was excited when I saw this news announcement, but soon very disappointed. Amazon have determined that of our 900+ ASINs in our storefront, (some of which are down to barely days of supply left) they’d like us to send Christmas and Halloween themed products? Ummmm, okay…