COVID-19: Update on prioritized shipment creation, new tool to check eligibility


The restock report tool just gives errors. Doesnt work.


What in the world is going on with Amazon on this?

I have over a hundred products out of stock and they I can send for only three now.

The three the chose are NOT out of stock. In fact, one of them has more items in stock than ANY of my other products. I have enough inventory of it to last months.

It is a paper punch too and of course not at all vital.

Makes absolutely Zero sense. Ridiculous!


I have tried adding super essential items specific to helping households and nurses/healthcare workers with the shortage of inventory, but they are not deemed ‘Eligible’ and are not showing up on the Inventory Planning page. Yes, something that is a seasonal product is eligible for new shipment creation. I hope they can get better with identify actual items that are essential.


THAT’S EXACTLY what’s happening to me. I have 15 skus listed available for restock, but 12 are skus that I havent sold any units of in weeks, some I haven’t sold in months. None of those need restocking. Only 3 skus are of items I am actually selling through. All the items I am sold out of, are still not listed as restockable. Makes zero sense. Losing sales every day on those out of stock items. I imagine some kind of “bot” is just auto adding items. They are still overwhelmed shipping emergency supplies. Which I totally understand. Still, hoping they will reopen completely within a week?:crossed_fingers:


I have more than 10 medical products in out of stock, the entire stock of products was bought for doctors, a new batch is ready for shipment, but I can’t create shipment … Can someone review my restok inventory?


Call customer service. Emergency supplies should be able to get restocked. They may need to manually override the sku, but I guarantee they will do it if it’s emergency supplies that’s helping people!


Yeah right.

Don’t offer any N95 masks for sale on Amazon, or you’ll be permanently disabled.

Dear Seller,

Your Amazon Seller account has been permanently deactivated.

Your listings have been removed from our site.

Why is this happening?
You have deceptively listed N95 or similar masks in our consumer store.

This product type is currently restricted from sale on Items sold on must adhere to all applicable laws and Amazon’s policies.

How do I reactivate my account?
To reactivate your selling account, please submit evidence or documentation demonstrating that your account has not violated our Restricted Products policy.

What happens if I do not send the required information?

If we do not receive the required information your account will remain deactivated and we may permanently withhold any payments to you. You can see your balance and settlement information in the Payments section of Seller Central.

Has your account been deactivated in error? - If you believe the products that caused your account deactivation are permitted for sale on Amazon, please include evidence or documentation demonstrating that your account has not violated our restricted products policy and we will investigate your concern. - If we confirm your account has violated our restricted products policy your account will remain deactivated.


Hi. I am getting error and could not dowload the referance file after says error in progress.i tried 4 times . how can i see which products are eliable for shipment.


yes it is. i tried for times, and opened a case about it.


As is mentioned above, the same list of eligible products on the report is shown at

It is likely that the error you are getting is ‘done - no data’ (no items are eligible)


it means you get to send nothing


My Restock Inventory page shows no products and my Restock Report always comes up with an error - I’m a new seller and it seems these pages are only relevant to sellers who have had existing listings.

I’ve read in another forum that you can see whether or not a product is available by attempting to make the shipment.

I’ve also read that if you’re a seller with more than 30 days of inventory in stock for FBA, none of your other listings will be available.

This makes sense from Amazon’s standing to help them prevent receiving an overwhelming amount of shipments that they can’t currently handle.

Once you realize multiple Amazon warehouses around the country are on strike for higher wages and safer working conditions, as well as them hiring 100,000 new employees all at one time, all this makes sense (that’s an onboarding nightmare that’s impossible to be prepared for).

With the current conditions, there’s no way for Amazon to operate with 100% competency. Frustrating, yes, but this is the current reality.

My guess is it’ll be another few months before FBA gets back to normal. The economy is only continuing to go downhill and nobody has any clue what the future looks like.


The report I pulled today has 60 skus on it - previously there were only 3

Are others noticing a similar change?


Try again today. The last few days many things are added for me.


Yes, they have added a lot for me the last few days.

The problem now for me is with shipping from Japan. Everything is all messed up and it looks like it will take nearly 3 week for my products to get there even though I shipped express!

Oh how I want things to return to normal…


I just get an error when i try to generate my restock, does that mean my product is not eligible yet


If my product is new to Amazon and hasn’t had inventory shipped before, will it still show up in the “Restock Inventory” page if it’s eligible? The product doesn’t appear, but I thought it was eligible, so I can’t tell whether it’s not appearing because its actually ineligible or because I’ve never shipped this item to Amazon before.


start a shipping plan with this product and see if it’s eligible.


Thanks! I took a look and it capped me at 50 units, which seems unusually low. Is that normal for new products?


@KINETICS, Yes, it is the new normal.