COVID-19 Supplies


Yeah right. Don’t offer any N95 masks for sale on Amazon, or you’ll be permanently disabled.

Dear Seller, Your Amazon Seller account has been permanently deactivated.

Your listings have been removed from our site. Why is this happening? You have deceptively listed N95 or similar masks in our consumer store.

This product type is currently restricted from sale on Items sold on must adhere to all applicable laws and Amazon’s policies.

How do I reactivate my account? To reactivate your selling account, please submit evidence or documentation demonstrating that your account has not violated our Restricted Products policy.

If you believe the products that caused your account deactivation are permitted for sale on Amazon, please include evidence or documentation demonstrating that your account has not violated our restricted products policy and we will investigate your concern. - If we confirm your account has violated our restricted products policy your account will remain deactivated.


Please allow your FBA sellers to start shipping product in again. Originally it was April 5th and Now ?? Please help your small businesses , we need to ship product.


this is why I do Fulfilled by merchant. Amazon has control of your product and when it is delivered and paid. I can deliver product anytime someone orders. They are 3-4 weeks out on some orders. I can’t believe there is that much demand for Virus related products.


Your priorities are not Amazon, or the nation’s priorities.


Yeah, we decided against it, glad that we did.


I do have about 1.5 Mil units of surgical gloves. And was talking with USFDA to see if there is any requirements on importations.
Shall I just ask amazon business about the listing?


Im a KN95 Original Face masks , gloves , suits and other protective gear supplier and have enough supplies to fulfill the need of atleast 5-7 Hospitals ( making 500 thousand masks every 5 days ) by the way besides me no one around Florida or Puerto Rico is able to legally atleast sell any of those. If anyone knows hospitals or clinics anywhere please contact me at cristianflores814@gmail


Has anyone been approved for this, or know how long the approval process generally takes? We have submitted the form, however we have not heard anything back from Amazon yet.


as the MIL of a NURSE - I am desperately asking you to research and understand that these folks need PPE - NOT surgical masks b/c they aren’t doing surgery - but Personal Protection while they meet with clients, take temperatures, enter data. Many hospitals have not only approved but REQUIRE the use of a cotton personal PPE face mask.
Please create a review process for these types of products - the need is incredible (One hospital has asked for 30,000 cotton hand made masks a month - Just ONE hospital!!!); they don’t require FDA approval, and some hospital systems have approved their own designs.
Please allow the listings and the self-declaration of which hospital system has approved the design so that our frontline workers can make an informed purchase choice.


So PDE_Naturals is there anthing more than those things that we would have to provide to Amazon in order to sell to the organizations on the front lines?


Is it just me… but every time I click on the link to request approval, it brings me to a page when all of the essentials are listed as if I was looking purchase.


To request approval to sell these products, visit:

I want to request approval. Kindly guide me how to request approval


Happening with me too. What is the problem? How to request approval?