COVID-19 Supplies


For those of you with supplies to sell- there is a link in the announcement to apply to sell these items.



Actually, FBA seems to be not shipping books. I have a constant reminder of outstanding FBA orders. However, I’ll be glad to ship any of my FBM books.


You can still order books.


I am glad that you are restricted


Just stop



The Whitehouse is going to urge Americans to wear masks in public.

But sellers can’t sell them and the public will be reduced to bandanas (if they can get them in a reasonable time frame) or The Wuhan Specials from China…

Amazon has really punched the pooch on this/


what do you provide? just a copy of the fda certification in your package? anything else?


Unfortunately everything I’m looking at buying has some rather lengthy delivery times on it. As for right now I’m trading books with family and friends. I want stuff to read now, not in 3 weeks.


It’s actually my supplier/factory that provide all those paper work and certificate to the freight carrier and the freight submit those paper work to fda and department of agriculture in customs. So far all my shipments goes through. I also have copy of fda and ce certificate from my supllier/manufacturer so far I have not been contacted to provide any documents.


Try, ABE or Alibris for starters. Many booksellers ship only Media Mail due to the cost but actual delivery times can be much quicker than advertised.


I am at the end of my rope with Amazon. It is worse than working for the government. I have a reliable channel for Chinese PPE but healthcare orgs wont work with me because I’m not already on their approved vendor list. So your directive is meaningless and leaves me in a market channel dead end. Brilliant, you haven’t accomplished anything in terms of directing PPE supplies where they should be going.


Why doesn’t Amazon let us sell masks not certified? Today, the President urged Americans to wear cloth masks. I tried to sell those on Amazon and was very clear that they were NOT certified and they were removed because they were in a category that was not open. It was in Personal Protective devices. Which is what a mask is. It doesn’t have to be certified, in fact the President did not want the public to wear those. But… Amazon is STOPPING the sale of them. Please let me know how we can list those and what category it would be acceptable. Frustrated sewer and seller!


The disposable medical mask can stop from the corona virus,


Thank you for your answer, I’ve just sent the application form.
Indeed, I checked with my supplier, he must have all the necessary certifications (CE, FDA…etc), very interesting subject.


Hope to get better soon


I am a FDA registered Manufacturer, Amazon Seller and I also pay Thousands of dollars every month for Strategic Account Manager. I currently started manufacturing Hand Sanitizers and are able to support Amazon with great amount of Inventory. I have about 20,000 units of 8 ounce bottles and Starting May I can make 800,000 bottles a month but Amazon hasn’t made my listing active yet.

They asked to send them my FDA registration etc and Approved me within 24 hours but my listing hasn’t been made Active.

TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN, I already submitted the application today. Approve Me and I will help to fulfill the demand at the most affordable price. No one other than Amazon has the ability in this country right now to reach the people in need so please help us help others in need.

We are making it in our FDA registered safe facility in Los Angeles, California. We have over 14 510k (FDA) Registrations. I have any document that you might need me to provide.

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How can I get my product included in priority FBA shipping? It is urgently needed for eye surgery patients for optimal eyesight recovery. Time is of the essence. These Amazon customers need my product delivered ASAP not 3 weeks from now.


I am a company that really has FDA and CE certification. I have already submitted the application, but I have not received any response, I feel very uncomfortable. I wonder if they no longer need KN95 masks?


We have the best factory and the output is very stable. We have supported the epidemic in China, but what’s the use? If these entrances are opened, and not seized at the border, I think every American can wear a mask, and our prices are absolutely reasonable.


Yeah right. Don’t offer any N95 masks for sale on Amazon, or you’ll be permanently disabled.

Dear Seller, Your Amazon Seller account has been permanently deactivated. Your listings have been removed from our site. Why is this happening? You have deceptively listed N95 or similar masks in our consumer store. This product type is currently restricted from sale on Items sold on must adhere to all applicable laws and Amazon’s policies. How do I reactivate my account? To reactivate your selling account, please submit evidence or documentation demonstrating that your account has not violated our Restricted Products policy. How do I send the required information? To submit this information, please reply to this message. You may also visit the Performance Notifications page under the Performance section of your account, find this message, and click the Appeal button. What happens if I do not send the required information? If we do not receive the required information your account will remain deactivated and we may permanently withhold any payments to you. You can see your balance and settlement information in the Payments section of Seller Central. If you have questions about those, please send an email to Has your account been deactivated in error? - If you believe the products that caused your account deactivation are permitted for sale on Amazon, please include evidence or documentation demonstrating that your account has not violated our restricted products policy and we will investigate your concern. - If we confirm your account has violated our restricted products policy your account will remain deactivated.