COVID-19: Removal order delays and long-term storage fee waiver


That is good to hear.
Also maybe Amazon is posting late delivery dates to cover themselves so there will be no nasty surprises to customers it they will not be able to ship on time. But they ship earlier according to the situation on the ground.
It is the same when I ship new inventory to FBA when there is nothing in stock. Usually the listings say available at [10 days out]. But most of the time it becomes available much sooner.


Please Mark Medical Scrub Tops and Pants as essential.
Medical professionals are probably disposing of medical uniforms and need to replace them.


We sell non-essential items and Amazon is fulfilling our orders, not super fast, but they are fulfilling them. In fact, we just sold out of all the last of the stock we had with them today. Don’t believe everything the media says. It’s usually fake news anyway!


"Your account will be protected from being downgraded until the June 20th evaluation.

For example, if you were a Top Rated Seller on February 20th and your performance over the next evaluation period would have moved you down to Above Standard, you will now automatically retain your Top Rated status. If you were Above Standard on February 20th and your performance over this period would have moved you to Below Standard, you will now automatically remain Above Standard."

We don’t make as much sales on ebay but they DO care about our businesses. Amazon? In my opinion they doing all this (of course to help those in need, just to give them the benefit of the doubt) to get recognition from the government and the people (free ads).

Amazon is saying to message our buyers so they can send an official cancellation request so it wont hurt our metrics? Dont they know people dont EVER reply?

It seems to me their looking out for their best interest and making it seem like they’re helping the ones in need. In my opinion, if they really wanted to help, they should donate some of their billions on essential items. But I have not heard them doing that. Plus they’re still taking the buy box on non essential items that a lot of us are doing FBM on. Why dont they give the FBM sellers the buy box so that amazon employees are actually able to focus on the essentials?

Help? Yeah okay


Have you checked the delivery dates on your items that are sitting at FBA?? It is about one month.
Bottom line, is that your inventory is going to sit idle at Amazon for quite some time, and you cannot get it sent back via removal…
HOWEVER, it seems that you can use merchant fulfillment and send the items to yourself. This was a loophole yesterday, but who knows how long it will last!


This is was you need to move your eggs. Don’t let this be your only selling platform.


We tried to buy bar soap and it was delayed until April.


I found a few relevant references:

How to avoid long-term storage fees

Active management of older inventory can help you avoid long-term storage fees. To remove older inventory before the next inventory cleanup date, you can:

  • Submit a removal order
  • Set up automated removals for inventory subject to long-term storage fees

Source: FBA long-term storage fees (name shown in help search)

Do storage fees (including monthly storage and long-term storage fees) continue to accrue if Amazon cancels my removal order?

Yes. If the removal order is canceled, the submitted units re-enter your inventory. If this occurs prior to the assessment date, storage fees will accrue.

Source: COVID-19: Removal order delays and long-term storage fee waiver (name shown in help search)

In other words, AZ wasn’t including the removal units in your inventory for monthly inventory fees in the first place. An easy way to prove this to yourself is to submit a removal order and compare inventory levels before the removal order and 24 hours after the removal order (net of sales effects, etc.) in the Inventory Age and Inventory Health Reports

When I look at these combined, I conclude that once a removal order is submitted the units do not accrue long term OR monthly storage fees. And that if you have to cancel a removal order, don’t cancel right before inventory fees are assessed (wait until after)!


Amazon please consider waiving monthly storage fees until YOU can fulfill orders within reasonable delivery timelines. Our business has fallen 90% as customers will NOT order when delivery timelines are extended by more than 30 days (April 30). We’re also not able to place removal order so we are stuck. Please support us during this difficult time and we’ll continue to partner with you to provide YOUR customers the best products and service and continue to spend on advertising to market our products to your customers. We are not wealthy conglomerates; we are merely trying to make a life for our families and now we risk losing it all.


I mostly agree - thank you! It is clear you have thought these recommendations out and you desire to positively improve how we all get through this pandemic.

I have two suggestions and disagree with you in just one area.

Another solution would be to make AZ/FBA listings simply ineligible to win the Buy Box if they aren’t shipping in 2-3 days.

This preserves the concept of the Buy Box - great price and fast shipping - without undue work by AZ or sellers. This requires just a modification in the code that determines when offers are eligible for the Buy Box - that can be done by someone working remotely from home! And this will cause sales to ship from sellers who can actually ship them, and reduce sales lost to other sites.

I do admit that I have not had positive experiences when AZ takes a listing off-line for any reason. It never seems to come back quite right (something always needs to be fixed, a tedious and time-consuming process).

16.) It is time to stop displaying and collecting Seller Feedback. This used to be helpful to track which sellers were good and which were bad but now Amazon tracks a lot of more useful stats so they know who is causing issues. It is also a burden on customers and they could/would likely be leaving more PRODUCT feedbacks which would be better for everyone. Just kill Seller Feedback as you have done for yourself and your divisions.

May I respectfully suggest that although it is true, it may be better thought out and implemented after the pandemic? This is a really big and important change that needs to be permanent and that involves a great deal of work and the re-education of both Buyers and Sellers. I know I have strong feelings about AZ changing anything during Q4, no matter how good or bad the idea. I am all for this after the pandemic!

8.) Any short term seller, 2 months or less needs to be placed on hold too as they are more likely to cause harm right now.

This is the one area in which I disagree with you.

I am less than 2 months on this account and yet have 5+ years experience selling in the Jewelry Category using FBA, FBM, and SFP. Based on my experience, I am of the opinion that experienced bad sellers are worse than new sellers. I would not recommend using time as a seller as the measure of who does harm. We have other metrics that are much more accurate at determining who causes harm, and frankly I agree with your position that those metrics “need to be ignored right now” (your 6th recommendation).

Thank you so much for putting forth these recommendations, and I hope AZ does listen to you!


You can always add an FBM offer in addition to your FBA offer. It sounds like you are experienced in fulfilling from home and have some inventory on hand (it’s not all tied up in FBA).

This is also something you can do relatively quickly - much faster than even if your removal order had shipped in a timely fashion :slight_smile:

You don’t have to wait on AZ!


Well, the right thing to do is cancel/lower all storage fees for this month, we are paying high storage fees, to make our products available for 1-2 day FBA. We AREN’T Getting this service, but still paying the same storage fees. You can raise them for 3 months, I’m sure you can lower them for a couple too.


Yes I always offer FBM on my out of stock items, which is a good thing if you have stock on hand
and yes we have 2 plus myself working Shipping and receiving so no problems there.
with long term storage fees being waived I guess that’s less of a hit on my dead stock.

But there are a couple of sku’s that I could have used for my other platform that I’m running out of.
I’ll work it out



This is encouraging!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This is a welcome move, Amz. Thank you. I am not sure if searches for non-essentials have been forcibly slowed down, but sales for such items are lower than expected during lockdown/work-from-home days.


Likely the reason why is because French and Italian governments have ordered all nonessential businesses closed, even Amazon warehouses which comprise mostly nonessential goods. Workers in France are unionized with rights to stay home with hazard pay.

Because the US doesn’t have these workers rights in place, Amazon warehouses here will likely stay open. Amazon workers in the US will not be paid to stay home unless they are infected


Perhaps I didn’t word it clearly enough. That is exactly what I was suggesting. Not hide the ASINs but the individual listings that can’t ship reasonably quickly. They need to not only be removed from the buy-box but also excused from the pricing so values can adjust upward a bit if needed.

This won’t break anything. Amazon currently “hides” feedback on their main account and more recently on the Warehouse Deals account. It likely doesn’t have to even be reprogrammed but simply selected to hide seller feedbacks. Stopping the emails would be VERY helpful right now as customers do not want to be hassled with everything else going on. Seller feedback has been dead for years but it needs to finally be put down. So why kill it now instead of just stopping the emails to customers? Because Amazon stopping their own emails won’t stop sellers who use software from also sending emails. Seller feedback harassment is why most customers block emails from sellers now. That policy could be revisited if they kill the seller feedback feature. Right now is when customers need to be able to hear from sellers the most in my opinion.

And as a seller on Amazon for over 15 years, it is my opinion and Amazon’s that you are wrong. New sellers require more customer support (which is underwater right now), they create more “issues” than more established sellers and they are much more likely to break rules to make a fast buck right now.

It sounds like you are a 5+ year seller on a new account. Hopefully, the other account wasn’t suspended or banned so you could ask for Amazon to link them and that would allow you to get past such a block that I propose. Otherwise, you might have to sit on the sidelines for a few months–which is not the end of the world and might just save your ability to sell long-term as Amazon is very harsh on new accounts having issues–even if they are the ones causing them.

This wasn’t a list that everyone will be thrilled with. Some people will like certain points but disagree with me on others. There are things in here that will greatly help others but do absolutely nothing for me but I know that we should be as fair to all as possible.

If Amazon wasn’t such a great place to sell for many reasons, I would have left a decade ago. That being said, a lot of new problems have been created (many by Amazon themselves) and they need to be dealt with. Amazon also needs to start being direct with sellers as well. They clearly do not want tiny sellers selling random stuff from around the house like eBay but yet they keep the bar so low they keep letting them in–only to create a giant burden on Amazon’s staff. That means our fees go to helping train these new folks that will end up giving up in a year or less anyway. That means when you want a simple fix, you are forced to wait days or weeks for it because Seller Support is having to walk the same people through the same issues time and time again.

I have a ton of other improvements that I personally would make to the marketplace but those are what needs to happen right now.

Once the dust settles from COVID-19, they can start thinking about my other suggestions (not on this list). But they won’t because they don’t see the value in it. At some point, a competitor will start paying attention and Amazon will have to play catch up to save their marketplace. But they won’t because they won’t see that they have a problem.

Such is life on the river.


An update explanation regarding FBA warehouse closures in France: as of Mar 24, the French government has restricted people’s movement to 1 km from their homes for just one hour a day. Citizens also required to carry cards as proof. That’s only a little over half a mile from home. It would be very difficult to operate a warehouse in France under those circumstances.


More and more sellers’ inventory is about to return to zero, and exempting storage fees has no practical significance.


This is not encouraging. As a customer, you want PRIME delivery, not 3 week out delivery. It is hurting our listings and some of them ARE essentials.
Anybody had luck moving the ship dates back?