COVID-19: Removal order delays and long-term storage fee waiver


You should see the truck line in front of the FBA buildings, the line at the one in Indiana goes as much as 90 trucks. They cover the entire right lane on a two way road. Truckers wait hours to get to a dock, i could only imagine what will the line be if they resume operations as normal amid all the crazy shopping going on for household essentials.
It’s a crap situation and we are affected as well but Amazon doesnt have a way of handling this. It is beyond they capacity, as we know they go customers first so some sellers get the short end.


I strongly agree that the amazon should waive the short term storage fee.
guys we can’t afford the fba storage fee cause no income. thanks


This is a joke amazon sells the same item as us. When amazon has the buy box prime delivery is available. When we have the buy box for the same item the delivery date is April 29th. What the heck is going on.


They should also bump each FBA 250 points up on their current IPI

Why should my numbers keep going down because I can’t ship to FBA (which raises it) and they are shipping slowly out (which raises it).


This is a joke amazon sells the same item as us. When amazon has the buy box prime delivery is available. When we have the buy box for the same item the delivery date is April 29th. What the heck is going on.


This is a joke amazon sells the same item as us. When amazon has the buy box prime delivery is available. When we have the buy box for the same item the delivery date is April 29th. What the heck is going on


This is a joke amazon sells the same item as us. When amazon has the buy box prime delivery is available. When we have the buy box for the same item the delivery date is April 29th. What the heck is going on…


I’m in the same boat, can’t sell used or broken jewelry, at least night on here.


Which platforms can sell used condition? I selling bags on Amazon. Many returns but just like new.


This is by far a MAJOR problem for our Business here and I now understand why I’m doing much better at another platform.

I was working on a removal order a week ago and thought I’d be finished by this week
because Amazon can’t get them out for orders and customers are looking at those dates
and not wanting to wait, Well if I can get those pieces back to my shop, you bet I can ship them myself, which I have been doing for the past 2 weeks on another platform…

I’m in NY and I’ve been going to the post office every day getting orders out
If I can do it from here, Amazon should be doing it as well with their workforce


With Amazon hiring so many new warehouse workers, it probably makes sense for FBA sellers to stay the course. Whatever delays there are currently in shipping and receiving will likely be resolved. At least that would be the hope.

And the news is now reporting that Congress has a deal they will pass tomorrow that includes $1,500 checks from the Federal government to be mailed to every adult in the U.S. (Maybe the details will qualify that?) If this happens, it could be expected to push more sales volume. I guess this could, in the immediate future, exacerbate the problem with FBA non-essential items, but also generate new demand for everything. The 100,000 new employees would seem to be the solution.


You are completely wrong.
This is normally my slow season, and my orders are at Christmas level.
I’m swamped.
People are bored at home…




Amazon prime $119.00 a year for free 2 day shipping. A lot of people are going to want refunds for their prime memberships.


Amazon prime $119.00 a year for free 2 day shipping. Going to need a refund for that.


I think most of us completely understand that Amazon’s system is backed up to the point of being broken. Those who shop Amazon don’t like it and those waiting on FBA to ship their orders don’t like it.

But it is how Amazon is handling things–not being honest, not being forthcoming and pretending it is business as usual.

Here is my personal list of things that they could reasonably do right now to improve both the seller and the customer experience.

1.) Start being honest with everyone. FBA/Amazon is overloaded and everything has pretty much ground to a halt. For the 1+ month FBA items, they need to be hidden right now. That would reduce the burden even-more to allow the logjam to loosen and let more FBM sellers sell items to further relieve the pressure. This would save sales that are currently walking to other sites (which helps all of us).

2.) As things ease up, those delayed FBA listings can come back on-line as they are ready to be shipped within 2-3 days again.

3.) All short term FBA storage fees need to be waived on anything not for sale.

4.) All Amazon lending payments need to be delayed in full until 30 days after warehouses are flowing again.

5.) All Amazon professional seller monthly fees need to be waived during this period as a goodwill gesture.

6.) All seller metrics need to be ignored right now and have no impact on your ability to sell or stay active. If there are issues, they can be fixed later.

7.) All new sellers need to be put on a waiting list until this passes.

8.) Any short term seller, 2 months or less needs to be placed on hold too as they are more likely to cause harm right now.

9.) Long term sellers (5+ years) need to be auto-approved for nearly everything to boost the amount of inventory available for sale on Amazon during this period.

10.) All new listings (new ASIN creation) need to be halted during this period as well. That will suck but it will help fix the problem with all of the crap listings being thrown up to sell items that are short-term banned.

11.) Any items that were taken down by the AI bot related to masks and other keywords that have been up for 6+ months and are within 20% of their 6+ month average pricing, need to be reactivated and that bot needs to have a human kill any additional items it finds to prevent more incorrect items from being pulled.

12.) The buy-box needs to give much more of a priority to a quicker delivery–which will push the sales to FBA offers that can ship in a timely manner and FBM ones that can do the same.

13.) Every 72 hours Amazon should brief sellers HONESTLY about the situation in their warehouses.

14.) Any markup on shipping under Buy Shipping should be removed during this period to help FBM sellers compete with FBA’s super cheap shipping costs.

15.) All returns should be held. They still need to request it within 30 days of delivery but due to the current situation, they should hold off sending the items back in until things settle down. This would relieve both FBA and FBM warehouses and staff. Returns could be limited in quantities so buyers aren’t hoarding and then will dump the items back on us/Amazon when this is over.

16.) It is time to stop displaying and collecting Seller Feedback. This used to be helpful to track which sellers were good and which were bad but now Amazon tracks a lot of more useful stats so they know who is causing issues. It is also a burden on customers and they could/would likely be leaving more PRODUCT feedbacks which would be better for everyone. Just kill Seller Feedback as you have done for yourself and your divisions.

17.) Amazon should send out weekly updates to customers with outstanding orders to let them know how things are going in GENERAL to help them understand that Amazon is doing all it can to get through this.

18.) All Prime subscribers need to have their subscription credited for any partial or full months that the site is not able to meet its normal service level. So if it takes 3.5 months, you give them four free months. This is the least you can do for customers who have trusted you.

I am sure I have forgotten something but that is my list of things they can do to help customers, prime customers, FBM sellers, FBA sellers and their own staff.

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This is a good point out IPI has fallen 5% due to our inability to restock sold out ASINS, Amazon need to turn off the Inventory Planning Index.


I sold a netgear switch last night - the Amazon FBA arrival date was May 1st. Heck, I’ll get it to the buyer either Friday or Saturday.


Agree. BTW, I still receive Amazon bots inviting me to open global accounts.


I ordered some socks (via prime) on Monday (3/23/2020) and the estimated delivery date was April 21. They arrived today 3/25/2020. Everything is not so bad after all.