COVID-19: Removal order delays and long-term storage fee waiver


yes, this is a manpower issue.


FBA is still shipping out stuff albeit a little slower for some customers. I placed 4 orders in the past week including today for shipping supplies (bubble mailers, packing tapes, and scotch tapes), coffee and health supplements. I would argue that some of these items are non essentials. Amazon has put all my orders’ delivery date range as March 26 - April 1, and I am NOT even a Prime member. One big order placed last Tuesday (3/17) is finally shipping out today and is projected to arrive this Friday.


It’s times like this, I am glad I am totally FBM.


As mentioned above this post, I am NOT a Prime member and Amazon is/will be shipping out my orders which I consider Non-Essentials, within a week or so, and NOT end of April like some posters have claimed. I wonder if the estimated delivery date posted on the ASIN is actually different from the one stated on my ORDERS page.

I placed a large order for 400 bubble mailers last Tuesday and it’s finally shipping out today and is projected to arrive this Friday. But remember I said I am NOT Prime, and non-Prime orders usually takes longer time to ship out anyway (not uncommon to have warehouse sit on it for a week or longer before it’s finally shipped).


It varies, i tried order a set of headphones last night, it said delivery was April 21st and that was a prime product. Not all but a lot have that time frame.


Did you put the headphones in the shopping cart? I wonder if the estimated delivery date would change when it gets to the final order page?


I did, it still said April delivery time.


Here’s a screenshot of their announcement.


OK, I just went and put a pair of headphones into my cart and it did provide a late April delivery date. Wonder what Amazon considers essentials vs non-essentials? I sell non-essential items and just tried to put my FBA competitor’s item into my cart and see what would happen. Amazon provided an end-of-March delivery date for Prime members, and strangely, a mid- to late-April delivery dates if I had selected the Paid Shipping options ($5.99 and $9.99).


Amazon will never win with the forums…

They are literally removing any LTSF and y’all are still complaining.

Focus on your health, give it a rest.


I was shopping for vacuum hoses today and the dates were Mar 30-Apr 1. Does AZ not tell you of the delay until after you buy?


In general, It shows late deliver. Like everything in life, there are exceptions.


Seems like that’s exactly what’s happening.


No mention of large sellers being able to send in non-essential items to fba while restricting the little guy? And how do you have “essential” items when the manufacturers are donating to hospitals? :thinking:


Yes, they ship. But next month…

(This is NOT a complain just giving a fact.)


yes,i agree, to be honest,long term storage fees not too much, why won’t reduce apert of the short term storage fee?


Lucky ones get normal dates. But many are delayed until next month.

It looks something like this:


Stay well, everyone!


hahaha well said


Hey Amazon if you’re stopping and slowing all these services… Give us some free months on our accounts or something!


true, i had 2 fba orders ship out this week, 1 was a book, the other a board game.