COVID-19: Removal order delays and long-term storage fee waiver


To ensure the capacity to receive, restock, and ship high-priority products like household staples and medical supplies, we have temporarily paused removal operations in some of our fulfillment centers.

You can continue to create removal orders, but there will be delays in completing the requests. Similarly, auto-removals will be delayed.

As a result, we are waiving the April 15 long-term storage fees for inventory stored in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

You can review the status of your removal orders here and find more information on this Help page. Please note Selling Partner Support does not have further guidance.

We know this is a change to your business and we did not make this decision lightly. We are working around the clock to increase capacity and appreciate your understanding as we temporarily prioritize household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products for customers.

FBA Removal
Prime shipping saying delivery on April 27

What’s next? You won’t ship out any orders unless they are in the essential category…Some companies need the inventory you can’t sell, to sell it elsewhere. Now you can’t sell our inventory, nor give it back to us?




long-term storage fees

In other words, not short term storage fees, even though this is clearly impacting our ability to control/reduce short term storage fees. I really wish Amazon would understand what they are doing to small businesses here.

Additionally, why am I being graded on in-stock metrics when I can’t even send stock in to Amazon?


FBA isn’t accepting shipment into FBA for non-essentials, but they are shipping out. Help spread the word that the media got it backwards.

Not having people doing removals frees up people to do the shipping out.

I like that for once AZ is removing the penalty on us caused by their choice - since they are stopping us from removing inventory, they are waiving the April 15 long storage fee. This is the second time in a week that AZ has been more respectful than usual with sellers. AZ keep it up, please!


I am fully aware of the current policy. I like to think of returns, which need a removal order to get them back to us, and resell them in used condition on other platforms. This is a huge part of our business and many other seller’s who sell used items.


Already happened in France and Italy:


And still charging regular monthly storage fees for product we cannot sell or get back.


Well there ya go. We’re next. and then, the negative feedbacks will start, then our metrics will go to poop, then ODR skyrockets, then Amazon won’t remove a feedback because the customer mentioned “Bad seller” on their feedback. BLAH BLAH. I have feedbacks where customer blamed FBA shipping, but because he said bad seller on the sentence, Amazon will not remove feedback… Just wait, itll happen.


Most likely the essentials will change to the most critical essentials.


Good point.

I’m in jewelry and we can’t sell anything that isn’t brand new, so I didn’t even think of that!


Does stock that has a removal order on it accrue monthly storage fees? I know from experience that 2 years ago it didn’t, but I have discovered many policies have changed in my relatively short time away from selling on Amazon.

Then I had removal orders for about 1,000 items, and they didn’t accrue storage fees over the 10 week period it took to get them all shipped back. For business reasons, I was exiting FBA to do SFP (if I remember correctly the saved storage fees were more than the removal fees…)


“The world’s largest online retailer said consumers in Italy and France can still order non-essential products from sellers on Amazon who do not use Amazon logistics to fulfill and ship orders, but deliveries could take longer.”

Glad to see AZ isn’t taking down SFP and FBM listings just because FBA is down :slight_smile:

As far as the disparaging “deliveries could take longer,” we know in general that AZ avoids revealing its own on-time delivery problems by simply not posting its own statistics. Most 3P sellers I know are no slower than AZ, so this comment was a bit uncalled for. It would be more accurate to say that during this time all buyers may have “deliveries [that] could take longer”


It may not be as bad as you could calculate. What I mean is that FBM is falling off now, too. Probably people are buying vastly more essentials online, while foregoing discretionary purchases, gifts, and impulse buys. I don’t sell any must-have items. I sell next to nothing FBA.

Since you are apparently selling non-essentials, likely your business would be off significantly from where it was just a couple weeks ago. So, what you are losing due to Amazon holding your inventory hostage is probably half of what you think.

Just be ready for the rush to buy once the virus has gone.


What about some forgiveness with the Inventory Performance Index as customers stop placing orders with us because they don’t want to wait 4-6 weeks for Amazon FBA to ship their item and they go elsewhere? Now, we can’t get inventory back to help with overstock issues caused by FBA shipping delays decreasing sales. My IPI has already dropped from all these new FBA policies regarding non-essentials. Some things are understocked because I can’t send things in. Some things are overstocked because I can’t get things out. My IPI is not in the danger zone yet, but who knows how low all our IPI scores could go after several weeks of this.

My sales were great (even a little better than usual) until Amazon changed the shipping times for non-essentials to 4-6 weeks. Our sales have decreased drastically each day since.


Yeh? Try to place an order of any FBA non essential item and see the arrival date!
Shipping out sure. But when? After doomsday?


My point was correct within the last day. I am open to new information.

I will always be civil and respectful when I post, especially when responding to someone who is a tad less civil. It is a professional courtesy that does not prevent me from expressing myself.


My FBA items say Arrives: April 1 - 4

Could change at some point I suppose.


This is the right thing to do.

Thank you Amazon.


Respectfully, it is not correct. For at least a week now, the vast majority of FBA items should a late delivery of about 2 weeks.
By yesterday, most were already pushed off to April 21st and beyond.