COVID-19 Related Announcements, Updated: 3/19/20, 4 p.m


Moderator Translation (James_Amazon): Wait for the good news.



Is April 5th still standing as the day we can ship new inventory to Amazon for FBA?


Holds breath


Do you know the date that Amazon will start accepting FBA inventory? I read previous April 5th and would like to know if this still stands.


Last I heard this information is correct. It will get pushed out on April 4th however.


Today’s news:

While we will continue prioritizing the products we can receive beyond April 5, we are now able to broaden the list.


Thank you. Every thing is a gift! Be appreciative. Love and Gratitude.


Notice the article says the warehouses have the virus, not the employees. Because the employees are not important.

I wonder if Amazon will do what some other companies are doing now that stimulus has passed and cut employee wages. Company in Texas cut the wages of all employees without kids by $1200 and those with kids by $1200 + $250 per kid. Aren’t right to work laws great?


I haven’t gotten paid
For the books I sent through pay shipping on amazon . Keeps saying -balance I have shipped out a couple of books this week .


It appears in my opinion Amazon only cares only about their own bottom line taking advantage of a disaster. Very Sad.


This is a hot issue. If you are selling personal care, no refunds no returns it’s a no brainer and should be implemented by Amazon.
Customers are already abusive in these areas, but during pandemic absolutely NO REFUNDS FINAL SALE with PERSONAL CARE.


Amaazon is supressing legitimate seller listings for branded made in US products and filling the front pages of search with “sponsored” listings for everything but what is searched for—search toilet paper and you get 50 listings—4 for illegal face mask listings that violate every amazon rule in existence, 5 are for national branded toilet paper and every one is out of stock --why have out of stock listings on the first page? why have everything but toilet paper on the first page? why all the ridiculous chinese listings for things that do not remotely resemble toilet paper–this first page results convinces buyers that there is a huge shortage while they bury legitimate listings with millions of rolls in ready inventory on the back pages?
Amazon is creating and fostering the perceived shortage in many items by interfering with FREE MARKET----why suppress legitimate listings with inventory from the world? why not just show listings with inventory that are actually branded toilet paper that consumers are looking for?


Amazon are nut jobs they removed 2 listings for CBRN suits that I had not been selling for over 6 months ran out of stock. Stateing covid19 claims of protection. No where did the listing state the radiation suits protected from virus of anykind. they were anti radiation suits losers they are. and i recived two dings on my account.


During this difficult time for small businesses selling on Amazon, can Amazon disburse payments daily or weekly rather then have to wait two weeks?


You can always request distribution daily. We’ve been doing it for years.


Looks like Amazon has decided to push delivery dates for merchant-fulfilled listings out 10 days! We are shipping on time so I’m not sure why they would take it upon themselves to determine MF listings will arrive later. I don’t see a timely Amazon announcement to explain this major change.


You have a legacy account with the ability to do daily disbursements. Newer accounts do not have this ability.


I’m also in soCal, but I feel delivery to my shipping company is essential. So I go daily with mask and gloves. It’s the least I can do.


For orders placed on, most items delivered between March 1, 2020, and April 30, 2020, can now be returned until May 31, 2020.
Will Amazon reduce the storage fee for this situation caused by the COVID-19 ?


Our returns and order cancellations have skyrocketed since COVID and the buyers reason is mostly regarding poor FBA fulfillment times.

What will Amazon do to offset these lost revenues?

If they really cared about their sellers they would severely reduce seller fees and shorten the delay on payouts.

We as sellers and our employees trusted in Amazon, hopefully they will do the right thing to help their clients like Google recently announced.

Also… 2 weeks of waived storage fees? Gee thanks when we were left with no choice but to switch back to FBM and can’t remove items from inventory for who knows how long, but your idea of compassion for sellers is to give us a full 2weeks is waived storage fees?

Class action lawsuits will no doubt be coming soon I’m sure if they don’t figure out a better answer.