COVID-19 Related Announcements, Updated: 3/19/20, 4 p.m


So… yesterday evening I received an email from another marketplace listing all the things they are going to do to help us during this time INCLUDING DEFERRING FEES among other measures they are taking to protect us and customers.

Amazon’s, in contrast, response to this is “you are on your own, OH and BTW, we are going to be promoting products we feel are a priority and making it harder to sell yours”

Do I have that about right?


Will Amazon reduce the storage fee for this situation caused by the COVID-19?


To be frankly, I was very surprised and dissatisfied with Amazon’s news about stopping FBA shipments. Because there was no advance notice, and it was announced on the evening of the 17th that the 17th can no longer be shipped.
In addition, Amazon does not have any compensation or deduction claims for sellers.
A naked egoistic company.


To our seller community,

eBay is always open, and now, more than ever, small and medium sized businesses are using our platform to connect with buyers and deliver what they need most. When people shop eBay, they are supporting you and sellers like you around the country.

Despite unprecedented circumstances that involve “social distancing,” it has been incredible to see the eBay community come together and spring into action. Sellers have been jumping in to support one another - from creating web videos with tips and tricks for successful selling despite the outbreak to sellers simply offering up words of much-needed support to one another.

We’re grateful to the countless sellers who have taken the time to give us candid feedback over the past weeks; and for being crystal clear about what’s necessary to strengthen and sustain your businesses amidst COVID-19.

Based on what you told us, the following moves are being implemented for our small and medium businesses:

  • Deferred Fee Payments: When we asked how we could help, many of you shared that help with cash flow and flexibility with payments was top of mind. For that reason, we are deferring most selling fees for eligible Store subscribers for a full 30 days. If you could use help with your payments, check here or your email on Wednesday, March 25, for complete details and how to request support.

  • Seller Protections: We want to reassure you that you will not be penalized for being unable to get an item out the door as fast as usual or if you have to unexpectedly cancel an order. To this end, Seller Performance Standards will not be negatively impacted for the next 90 days. For more on this topic, check this announcement board where we post frequently.

  • 100,000 Incremental FREE Listings: As the way we spend our time has changed - with more time at home and with family - there has been a shift in the type of items that are most in demand. Now is the perfect time to test new inventory, and I’m excited to share a new promotion for eBay Store owners. Subscribers can now list 50,000 additional fixed price listings FREE in March and 50,000 additional listings FREE in April*. Your success is our success and we want to help keep you listing and selling on eBay.

Additional Updates:

  • Shipping: Carriers inside the U.S. are considered essential by the government at this time and there has not been disruption to date. The team is in direct communication with USPS, UPS and FedEx - and domestic deliveries are continuing as usual, with slight variations on their signature required processes. Don’t forget you can schedule a USPS pick up if you are unable to drop off your packages.

  • Trusted Marketplace: Finally, we continue to take steps to ensure our marketplace remains safe and trusted. That includes removing listings that include health claims and misuse of keywords, or any inflated prices on items like face masks and hand sanitizer. We’re working as fast as possible, but if you see something that doesn’t look right then please let us know here.

Along with these actions, our government relations team continues to find ways to support our marketplace and help those most affected by COVID-19. There is also a dedicated resource center, tailored for small businesses, in response to the pandemic. Stay up to date on this information and these efforts at Main Street.

More to Come
So much continues to change due to COVID-19 and we are committed to helping you navigate the uncertainty. While we’ve had to postpone many of our UpFront events, we will continue to stay connected and share updates on our COVID-19 Community Hub, podcast and Facebook. You can also contact Customer Service with your questions. We are providing sellers who host in-person Community Events with resources to run these forums online.

As I’ve shared in the past, eBay’s top priority continues to be the health and happiness of our community - especially our employees and you, our sellers. Please stay safe and, as always, thank you for selling on eBay.

Jordan Sweetnam
SVP and General Manager, North America


Yep, that was the one I received. I wasnt sure if it was ok to post it so thank you!


One thing is for sure, sales are down 75% this week. We’re scrambling to get our FBM operations back up after having started to shift a lot of inventory to FBA even direct from China.


So let me get this straight. Since we cannot sell or make any money, Jeff Bezos is still demanding we pay him huge commissions and fees?


Amazon will end soon
Our website sales are skyrocketing while AMazon delays are horrendous, prices went up 20%
No inventory
Ebay / Walmart and your own Website is the future


Take over the control of your own fulfillment with amazon orders. That is what we have done in the past week. We Changed most of our skus to seller fulfilled because we are out of stocks without allowed to sending in FBA. My families helps fulfill orders and I take packages to post office. I schedule daily UPs and FedEx pick up to protect us and also avoid impact of our sales, especially our sales has increased 600% over the last week! Take over the control by yourself.

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Im glad ebay is doing that. I wish amazon would do something for us. my sales are dead. would be nice if they relaxed their selling fees or warehouse fees…anything will help


too bad walmart cant create a better selling platform


How can someone report a price gouging?
Some sellers are hiding it by creating a bundle (for example, one seller has a bundle for a headset with a cleaning wipe, where the price added to the price of headset is $120)


Go to
And chat with a buyer side rep… Although they will try and play stupid (well not sure about the playing part).
Technically in most states though in order to be a victim of price gouging - to report to your local or state authorities) you have to actually buy the item.
So on Amazon, you would need to buy the item.
Save a copy of the confirmation/receipt email,
cancel the order.


Walmart has insanely short lead times they expect 0-1 day shipping. To get longer leads you have to email them for each SKU explaining why you need more time and then submit a spreadsheet. A few weeks ago they eliminated the LTL freight override that gave a 2 day lead time.

walmart clearly hired Amazon employees who got fired for being too hostile to sellers.


They havent yet. Do you think they will now that another 3 were found? I was to be on my way to the post office this afternoon…


Wonder how many more will test positive and how that will affect what’s left of FBA/Amazon sales


so, i’m a bookseller - shipping my own sold books.

i’ve been sending a message to each buyer that ‘i’m mailing books once a week.’

don’t feel like i should have my ‘acct health’ as well as my personal health at risk.

tom rusch
monroe stahr books


This means that we will not be able to deliver goods normally for a long time in the future, resulting in more companies going bankrupt and more people losing their jobs. We have protected Amazon’s rights and interests. When can Amazon consider the seller’s feelings. There is no compensation, only merciless notice!


Since you are prioritizing essential items to be shipped from your warehouses and on our end we are unable to acquire and ship non-essential items/books etc. We would appreciate if you could waive the next 3 months professional FBA account or allow us to downgrade to Individual.account for a few months.

As with your terms below, we are unable to downgrade without our account being terminated.

Your terms are:

Your account will be terminated in the marketplace if you downgrade. At the end of your current billing cycle, your account will be placed in staging for 120 days during which you will no longer be able to sell or have active listings. You will be able to finalize pending transactions during this time after which the account will be terminated automatically. Your FBA account for this marketplace will be suspended as well during this process. Please make sure to remove any FBA inventory stored in fulfillment centers in this marketplace before your account becomes inactive.


Actually you will change your mind if your this common cold come to your family. For our children, we will not let them to risk, because this virus can make a lifelong injured sequela in your lung. Maybe death does not make you fear, but being alive like a dead people will. Our kids’ happiness, sunshine and laugh will meanless at that time.
The greatest weakness of humans is blindly over-confidence, to the natual and the world.:grin: