COVID-19 Related Announcements, Updated: 3/19/20, 4 p.m


hi i have 24 orders so what can i do with these


To the seller management team: Please consider suspending inventory age and inventory fees. I sell supplies to educators, and since last week I have seen virtually no sales. I have been proactive about keeping a healthy account and inventory levels, yet this disaster is out of my control entirely. Please suspend typical inventory policies under these unusual circumstances.


Amazon was always harsh on our sellers. It’s recognized by everyone. The customer is the most important for Amazon, not our sellers. That’s sad, but the fact.


The idea that amazon is not doing this is ludicrous. They have made america safer by having an infrastructure in place to ship out essential items at a time like this


Amazon is very customer centric. No doubt about it. But to be honest, Amazon needs 3rd party sellers. We are their bread and butter. Amazon is shell of a company without us. We bring Amazon 50% of their revenue. With it’s current infrastructure, Amazon would fold without us. So to say that they do not care about us is a bunch of malarkey. They need us as a whole. They do not need us individually.

You responded to me becasue I called out that other poster for basically ranting that Amazon should give out grants, refund fees, give credits, and pick up the slack where his/hers business has fallen short. The poster said everything but “I want an Oompa Loompa now Daddy!” They sounded like an entitled brat and I called them out on it. Where in the Terms of Service does it say that Amazon is responsible for your business and should make you whole if you fall short of the mark?


Why not remove your inventory?


So everyone would rush to ship stuff in? Defeats the purpose doesn’t it?


Even if this were true (most of Jeff’s money comes from share price, which is driven by a lot of other things than profitability, and we may only be a bridge to eventually fulfilling everything that sells well directly), they don’t need any particular 3PS. Each of us is expendable (and if we’re replaced by someone from Gina selling cheap knock-offs, all the better … that puts other platforms out of business as well).

To say they care about you is the malarky. They would throw you under a literal bus for $1.97. If sellers continue to believe otherwise, they are going to reach some wildly inaccurate conclusions, and continue to be confused/angry at otherwise unconscionable actions like this one. Amazon is not the good guys. At best, if you’re 100% Ayn Randian, they lack a moral obligation and will act in whatever is in the best interest of the profit motive. That likely doesn’t include me or you succeeding, except by mistake.


If you are going to comment on my comment, at least do it from the correct context.

Also, just a couple of quick things.

Where is this? :rofl:

I never quoted from, heard of, or read anything, from this woman. I actually had to look her up to see what you were blabbing about.

Bottom line, Amazon doesn’t owe you, me or any other seller, anything. I am grateful for the platform that they provide me to sell my products.


I was actually just adding to your post as it covered almost everything. I thought the quote on the USPS site by the CDC just added a little extra. Only the last line was for the OP, but maybe I should have specified that. Sorry for the confusion.


Maybe your business insurance company can help. Amazon is not a government institution. They have to pay their employees as well as all their other expenses.


Please announce the specific product information that can be put into storage. We are confused now. We hope that the virus will end soon. Amazon should not limit the storage. People need products most at present. It also limits the release of masks. I don’t know what to think.


Now that many items in amazon FC are showing a 30 day estimated delivery, how will monthly storage fees be adjusted for inventory already in a FC?


The last I heard… the virus can live on surfaces for up to 3 days… :astonished:

I am getting the mail out of my box wearing latex gloves and leaving it out on my patio for 3 days before bringing it into the house.

I cannot afford to get this virus. I have had penumonia twice. A third time could be disastrous.


The joke of it all is many of our regular listings are being blocked. I presume one of their algorithms is going wonky but they fail to understand that Shipping paper towels is very expensive because of “cubic dimensions” and of course they forget their 16% and if you ever want to have a listing ever get noticed you have to pay upwards of 20% in Advertising fees-------so if you take a $15 pack of paper towels, add in shipping, add in regular amazon fees $2.25 and advertising of $5.00 Voila the retail is almost $30 and we still have to box the item—eventually someone will wake up as to whom the real culprit is.


Hey @Amazon_News quick question

Why are warehouses still open and opperating? Haven’t you heard that the virus crisis is killing people and putting people in critical condition–which the u.s cannot adequately treat due to our preditory Healthcare system , and I doubt warehouse workers are immune to that.

Any word on when Amazon will put people before profits? Will they get sick leave? Most of us are seeing a huge drop in sales, yet Amazon is still charging storage fees and fulfillment fees, is that really a good business model?


The last I heard… the virus can live on surfaces for up to 3 days… :astonished:

The test that was widely discussed showed that the virus could live for “up to” x days on certain surfaces. And that was -

  • In a laboratory setting, not real world conditions
  • And did not discuss whether the amount of the virus that could live for up to x days, was enough to infect a person who touched that surface, or how much contact (would picking up a package and setting it down somewhere else do it?) would be necessary for transmission.

Anyone who is concerned should of course be extra careful and take extra precautions - you certainly have nothing to lose by doing so. I was just pointing out that it seems very unlikely that one infected person in a giant FBA warehouse could transit the virus to every recipient of every package that was in the warehouse at the same time as them.

Of course, if becoming infected would be highly risky to any individual, then no risk is too small for them to accept.


What amazon considers a priority category is not necessarily what buyers consider a priority category.A commercial platform, you can separate the priority category you think on the home page, amazon can give them free advertising, but you can’t sacrifice other categories.Category before all equal!


I agree! Will be hard to pay all these fees if we don’t make a peny … I believe Amazon will come out with something…I hope so…


Lets just be honest. You don’t know and I don’t know. Speculate away my friend.