COVID-19 Related Announcements, Updated: 3/19/20, 4 p.m


I understand what your saying and I think there is a lot of misinformation in what you’re saying. Contrary to what some politicians might want you to think summer isn’t going to kill this virus. This virus causes your immune system to attack the body (mostly lungs) and wears down your body’s ability to fight infection. So to your point of the virus not killing the host that is true. Most people are being killed by additional bacterial infections due to their immune system being such bad shape from fighting the virus. Not to mention the number of people who are permanently left with lung damage. If your going to cherry-pick your speaking points please add all the facts.

As for Amazon fulfillment centers they might not have to close due to governmental request but that does not mean the workers will work in that kind of environment. For example, in your home state, the workers in the fulfillment center refused to go back to work even though Amazon requested they continue working. Hence why the fulfillment closed.

There is no wave there is no current. This is a situation for you as a business owner to figure out. Hopefully, most business owners have enough in the bank to cover expenses. Some might have to take more drastic measures to make sure they stay in business. Maybe become a Dominos Pizza delivery driver instead of a business owner.

Amazon is going to do the same as they only care about themselves not your business.


I’m not worried about our “account health”…not much that can go wrong when you see a 70% drop in sales in the past 8 days. No late deliveries, no late shipments, no disgruntled customers all because there are no customer orders. I think we’re safe for now.


What is being done for Amazon Lending? The message boards are filled with sellers asking and not getting responses.

** Do the right thing please. Interest only payments for two months.**


I already lose money A LOT and I prefer to lose money instead of spreading the virus. I sell clothing and it is still a question mark (every day some data/information has been changed by WHO) how long this virus can live on fabrics. This is the 1st time I wrote something on the forums. Thank you for calling me greedy without know who I am. No problem at all. I hope every one stay safe.


sure put on vacation mode means less orders calculated in metrics, then once vacation mode comes off, less orders shipped, still puts your account at risk due to numbers of orders shipped, if you get dinged on a ODR


Since workers in the fulfillment centers (at least one) are now confirmed to have the virus… I really DO NOT want people from the Amazon fulfillment centers delivering anything to my home.

I am friends with a lot of my neighbors… and in speaking with the them (on the phone) as far as we know… no one in our neighborhood has contracted the virus so far.

Why would I want someone from Amazon to bring the virus inside our gated community? :astonished:


What are the prioritized items we can sell?
I was thinking only Amazon was going to sell these items.


You said it all. Amazon is all talk.


I am just a small book reseller and have made my account Inactive as I am not supposed to go to the Post Office.
How about Amazon waiving the monthly $39.99 monthly subscription fee until this blows over?


ebay is the best


nailed it


That’s why I sell on Ebay 95% to 5% on Amazon


Amazon is famous for breaking their own rules.
It is one of those cases of: “Do as I say… NOT as I do!”


My only issue is this canned “Take steps to maintain your account health.” That’s BS at a time like this. People are DYING. There will be companies going out of business because of the effects of this vicious virus, and a recession is written all over the wall.

But by God, you better maintain your account health!


Yes… and eBay also has a cap on fees.

Amazon is greedy! They think gouging their customers with some of their exorbitant fees is acceptable.


Yes, people need to protect themselves and make other income plans. Amazon has zero concern for third party sellers. This April 5th date is almost certain to be pushed forward, and more restrictions are likely coming.


We are not making close to what we were making and have large payments to make to Amazon lending ( Amazon is the only source of income) can Amazon please consider giving a waiver at this difficult time of the world Pandemic.


I strongly suggest Amazon reduces all category fees by half. What’s the point paying 15% for all sales with reduce services provided by amazon with damages to our business from this covid-19 problem. This is our livelihood, and in this moment where everyone’s business is affected. Amazon needs to clean up their act and stand together with their 3rd party sellers. If we all take a hit, they should also take a hit with us.


“We are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers.”- I thought those were prohibited, due to price gauging.


Jeff’s billions are slowly going down the economic drain even tho’ common sense says Az should be raking in money by the bushel basket