COVID-19 Related Announcements, Updated: 3/19/20, 4 p.m


This is much more serious than a cold. The mutation of this virus is much different. It is fast moving and spreads quickly. Take proper precautions, do NOT let your guard down.
This is NOT a “Chinese Virus”. And it is no joke.


No where did I say I needed a bailout. I am sure there are some smaller sellers who are going to be in serious trouble with this.

It would be nice to see Amazon take some proactive steps to help third party sellers through this.

Do you think you are not going to lose income because of this decision? Do you have products that pass this inventory test?

If so, then good for you. I am happy for you.

There are many not so lucky.


“We have massive disruptions to all parts of our business, and expect huge delays. Third party sellers had damn well better get their orders delivered on time”.


That reminds me of a news story I heard this morning…

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You didn’t use the exact words that you “needed” a bailout. You basically said said you wanted one. And the words you used came across as if you are entitled to it and all the exclamation points you were using came across as if you wanted it right now. Guess what, you are not entitled to it and it will be a long cold day in the place below before Amazon gives it to you. Get this straight. Amazon is successful and you are not entitled to a single penny of it, unless it comes in the form of dividends from the purchase of Amazon stock that you had the foresight to add to your portfolio.


I spray the boxes with lysol outside.
Then I bring it in and open it at the end of the return period and spray the contents down as well.
My current returns, one is an obviously empty box the other has items which will then be sprayed and put aside for a very long time, just in case.
Even with this virus, I would rather just put the items directly in the trash myself if it comes to that, than have amazon decide and give full refunds and with people desperate for money right now, no way. Example, I know what ever that empty box person says is a lie; this person will have every amazon purchase for free, this person risked their life to commit mail fraud and theft for 4.79 refund.


No winter lasts forever, every spring is sure to follow.


I completely agree! Amazon has to help us.
Since they are not letting us sell our products as we usually would, they must help us by at least reducing the storage fees.


While Amazon wages suck and pays no taxes :joy:


Wishful thinking, I suppose… :slightly_smiling_face:


We sell direct to amzn and via our seller store – we sell things like keyboard/mice and amazon is selling out but not buying more. And we cannot create seller shipments. Third parties will indeed see their sales ramp once amazon runs out of stock. If you have or have access to high-demand products. On the flip side, some categories are tanking.


We’re tanking. How about help w/ reduction of the 3rd party monthly fee? How about a little more for shipping? A little help Amazon?


Absolutely, I emailed them directly. No response (at all). Incredibly sad. Walmart announced employee bonuses, additional hiring (to help local communities). We have filled Amazon’s pockets for years and their merchants are struggling and it is radio silence. Shameful.


Yes they did, here is part of the notice Amazon Vendor suppliers received. We as well as many other manufacturers did not receive purchase orders this week and will not until at least April 5th.

Beginning today you will see:

  • Reduced Purchase Orders: We have temporarily paused ordering for products that are not household staples, medical supplies, or other high demand products.


Why should they do this? do you have inventory there? If yes, hen it is still for sale. I see no reason to waive storage fees unless Amazon shuts their site down and stops selling altogether.


Ways Amazon can help it’s third party merchants:
*Pay all merchants weekly - for the remainder of the year. Cash flow is critical to all businesses right now.
*Freeze payments and interest accrual on Amazon lending for at least 90 days.
*Reduce category commission percentages to 10% across the board for 90 days to ease the burden, or at a bare minimum reduce commission percentages back to what they were before the last increase.
*Follow Ebay’s lead of metrics during this period.
*Freeze long term storage fees.
*Have a team of people to answer merchant questions as they come up daily. We have no dedicated support - critical now that we can get assistance and answers.

Feel free to add to this list…hoping that someone from Amazon will read this and comment.


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Yeah no. To keep people inside, package deliveries are essential.


Thank you. I must have missed this part. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder what it will take for the Amazon cheerleaders to put down their pom-poms. Sure, you can say Amazon is a business, and they can do whatever they like whenever they like to maximize profits, and you can idolize Mr. B. for being bigly rich, and you can say we all signed on to take whatever abuse Amazon wants to dish out in order to be allowed to temporarily partake of their monopoly. BUT. There are plenty of other businesses out there treating this as a national crisis, and doing what they can to help, particularly to help those who made their business what it is today. I suspect Jeff is simply confused by what WalMart is doing, or is considering it a PR stunt he can maybe co-opt for his own ends.

Amazon is profiting off this crisis, 3PS are generally suffering, and the response is not “what can we do to help?” but rather “watch out, if you let this historical event affect business as usual, we’re not responsible for cutting you off.” Saying to watch out for our account health, when their public admission that they won’t meet Prime timeframes has no impact on their ability to sell, is pretty classic anti-trust behavior.

When WalMart makes your business look good, you may want to look into your soul and decide which side of history you are on.