COVID-19 Related Announcements, Updated: 3/19/20, 4 p.m


Are you willing to let Amazon forgo the payments to you as well ? The door swings both ways, my friend.


i agree


IPI too…


Some of you have not be around long enough because you’re saying how great ebay is. NOT. Been there, and have seen sellers thrown off for trumped up Baloney just like here. The only good venue is your own website.

Amazon is going to do what is best for Amazon long run. And if that means closing down 3p Sellers cause some of you get corona virus and send in contaminated product, they will close all of down in a heart beat.

Watching trends and being up on the latest news, that’s part of your job as the head of your own business. I know folks who have been talking about this pandemic since it was just the “flu” in China. Now it’s worldwide and the rest of you are complaining cause no one held your hand and told you what to do. GET OVER IT and make your own business decisions.

BTW, no reason you can not get approved in some of the “prioritized categories” and sell that stuff for a while.

Please take this pandemic seriously and take major precautions with your own health and your families. And keep an eye on the government so you can apply for any assistance they offer. BEFORE it’s gone to the big corporations and their officers.


Payments to me? I was given a bulk amount before being bent over.


agree! we should not be required to accept returns right now. But then again you could argue we couldn’t ship to them either! They’re saying it can live on cardboard for 24 hours.


There are many sellers that don’t pay attention and are not on this forum.
The messages will continue to be sent in the hopes that most sellers are reading them and following any direction.
Consider it an Amazon public service announcement.


The last thing we need is people “sneaking out”. The closures, curfews, & restrictions in place by the cdc & local gov’t are there for a reason. Yes it is going to make life very difficult for many people. However, these steps haven’t been taken lightly. It is all to help support our healthcare system. The fact is there simply will not be enough beds or ventilators unless we all unite and comply with the restrictions. We all need to follow the rules to slow the spread. We will all need to help our fellow countrymen. That means staying home if your directed to do so. You will help save someone’s life. If the hospitals get overwhelmed they will need to prioritize who gets a ventilator. That could be your wife, mom, dad, brother or sister. Please don’t be sneaking about.


Explained in the very first paragraph. To consolidate important updates and keep us informed.


I agree . There should be regarding lending


This is not just a “cold”. It is not just a virus that will burn itself out. This is a once in a hundred years event that will kill thousands. btw, even if it does slow down during the summer it will be back in the fall with a vengeance. This is a virus no one has ever had. No one has immunity to it. There are no drugs to treat it and it will be quite sometime before a vaccine is available. It may not kill you but are you willing to unknowingly spread it to possibly hundreds of others that will be hospitalized? The main thing is we all need to comply & unite together to help support our healthcare system so thousands don’t die. Together we can slow this thing down & protect the most vulnerable. I wish everyone good luck with their business and the best of health to you all.


Don’t know if this is an option for you. I am FBM that ships almost exclusively using the postal service. They pick up for free during the regular carrier pickup or I can schedule a pickup anytime during business hours for $20. I realize your volume or what you ship may make this impossible for you to do by yourself. Maybe you can limit what you sell to items you can fulfill by yourself and ship usps. They have already stated USPS is essential and will stay working.

The only other option that I see if following the directive Amazon released the other day, cancel your orders, put your store on vacation and contact Amazon explaining what happened.

Good luck! I sincerely hope you can work something out. We are all in this together and I think your reality will be all of our realities before too long.


Just a note that in the deepest part of quarantine time in China, grocery stores and packages were still open and items being shipped. I would hope the US wouldn’t curtail package deliveries or the ability for people to transit products across the country.


First, I do not live in a rural area. I live in an area of roughly 4 - 6 million, depending on how you draw the lines. And as far as the spread of the virus goes, I see it and I am doing my part with social distancing. But then, I have actually read about the virus and understand how I can and cannot get it.

I am not part of the mass hysteria that is going on. I have not had to go out and try to scourge toilet paper or hand sanitizer or food or water. Why? Because I am a thinker. I think ahead and always have product on hand for both my family and my customers. This is becasue I don’t want to wait for for others to bail me out.

That poster that I replied to, that you took offense to my reply, sounded like an entitled brat. He/she didn’t prepare for anything and just expects others to bail them out. Well guess what, it isn’t Amazon’s responsibility to bail any of us out. We are not employees of Amazon. Amazon is helping their employees and is doing what is right for them.

I am a mostly FBA seller so their decision does effect me. It just does not effect me in this initial phase becasue I think ahead and always have ample product on hand at Amazon without having too much on hand. Amazon shutting down incoming products for a few weeks? I can handle that. If it goes for a few months, well I guess I will adapt and start self fulfilling. Either way, I will handle my business and at no point will I ask Amazon to bail me out. I am responsible for my business, not Amazon.


Utterly ridiculous Amazon cares about SELLER RATING at a time like this! Bezos is such an anti-hero.


I agree it will burn itself out. The common cold likely killed a ton of people when it was first introduced too. Novel viruses always kill a ton of people at first, because no one on the planet has antibodies to counter it. But yes, this is an opportunity and each day, thousands of new customers are turning to Amazon - at least half of whom will likely stick for good.


Agreed. I saw this as the inception of a new process, whereby Amazon communicates the various coronovirus-related disasters that we’re all facing.


@RedWing has the correct answer. This is not an informational page. This is a thread. There is a difference.




yeah seems like somebody could take example of that! And be a bit humaine and understanding to sellers.