COVID-19 Related Announcements, Updated: 3/19/20, 4 p.m


If you only have a few employees and don’t do retail walkin trade, could you not have the data entry people work from home?
I told my boss I don’t mind sneaking in to work as long as most of the rest of the staff is working remote. The S@H order allows people to be out to exercise - and I bicycle to work, anyone asks - i’m taking my morning and evening rides.
That leaves me in cubeville, and the warehouse guy in the warehouse with more distance between us then I would have from people if I stayed home in my apt.


It is every businesses decision to keep their customers / business interests in mind. Amazon is doing just that. Had you read into the articles further, you would see that Amazon, has set aside 25 million to help those families of workers get through times, if the workers are sick or quarantined. You would also see that amazon (and walmart) are hiring more workers so they can meet customers demands.

Amazon is trying to free up space in their warehouses for the more essential items needed overt he next few months. No one said you can’t sell your goods, just that Amazon is not accepting any NEW shipments of non-essential items. You can either adapt and sell essential goods, or ship your own goods like many of us do. I do not use FBA, so I am not effected. Otherwise, I would be looking to change my business model to go with the changes. Amazon said they will sell non essential items they have in warehouses, that are already in stock there, once sold out, they will not restock till sometimes in April. They too, are holding off, not just 3rd party.

So this should actually be good for those not FBA, cause once those items sell, its our turn to sell our goods. In any case, you need to re-examine your business needs…this is EXACTLY what all other businesses are doing…big and small.


So you want Amazon to give refunds and let the customers keep all the items. Think about that for a minute. What do you think would happen?


How exactly are we supposed to do this if we can’t restock inventory? Perhaps, YOU should do something about this. For example, if FBA inventory runs out of stock and any other related issues follow as a result to the suspension of shipments, this would not affect sellers IPI for the period of the suspension period + 3 weeks (just for example) to allow us to restock. I am sure you can do this.


not too sure about this. Amazon didn’t say anything about not restocking their own inventory, just 3rd party sellers. Anyway, you are absolutely right about re-examining our businesses. If not anything else, we all have a little bit more time on our hands to tackle things like this. Stay safe.


In their first news report it was mentioned that they would not be restocking non-essentials, either their own listings or 3rd parties. But it would be sometime early April that will revisit the decision and see if will be revoked or prolonged for longer period.


Dear To_Your_Health , I am very disappointed when i see your reply … you basically think your $ before your health and I don’t think you fully understand how serious this situation is ! You may live in a remote location and don’t see how fast this virus is spreading and you think it is a joke or something but It is NOT !

and yes I AGREE Amazon thinks first about your Account Health NOT the human health , they never stated clearly how important his sellers health instead they show how much they concern about their money


I don’t think this will happen. Grand scale totalitarian closures I mean. I live in NY and supermarkets and pharmacies are exempt from all social restrictions regarding delivery of products necessary for life. In other words suppliers of goods and services essential to life will remain functioning. It’s nuts, there are over 1,000 available jobs open for Domino Pizza delivery drivers open. This is the time when Amazon will shine and prove it’s instant delivery model’s worth to the this third planet from the sun we call home.

You can ride the wave or be worry warts and shut down and cower crushed by the under current. The virus will burn it self out very soon. Viruses have a way of becoming beguine because killing their hosts is not in their interest to spread far and wide. We are looking at the new common cold. This is a cold virus. There is no cure for the cold. We will just have to live with it for now.

Viruses do not like the sun and spring is here as of today in the northern hemisphere, Get out in the sun and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a rare opportunity for lasting memories to be instilled in young ones by fun family time. With the school closures and so many parents home from work do things that the little ones will remember. Do not waste this opportunity.


Could Amazon provide any practical help for 3rd party sellers? You are so mean to us.


I thought duplicate threads were a violation of forum rules.


You’re right. Until the crisis is over all FBA orders should just be refunded without returns.

In other words be careful what you wish for.


Thats not even close to what he wants. He wants Amazon to refuse returns and let him keep the money. Just another greedy seller trying to take advantage.


That doesn’t apply to Amazon. They’re in charge. :slight_smile:


Amazon should pin a Covid-19 information page to the top of the forums that is updated regularly, but you should not allow discussion. It should be informational only. If people have questions about how to interpret the post they should open a topic about their question.


You are awful


still zero word on Amazon lending payments


Because others might not have seen it.


Due to Covid-19 We request Amazon to Waive Storage Fees and Long term Storage Fees for March-April (2 Months)


My friend is in the National Guard and all 50 states have been called to duty starting today… They are going to lock down the country.In my opinion. They don’t do a Country wide activation for kicks and giggles. Prepare your business to be shut down for a while.


Amazon lending told us via a email there was no deferrals or waivers at the time of the email about 48 hours ago.