COVID-19: Impact on the health of your Amazon seller account and frequently asked questions


Why has Amazon not incorporated a setting, like vacation setting, that allows a company to put the account on a delayed schedule for disasters. I mean it shouldn’t be that hard of a “fix” to the system. All it would need to do is to allow for delays and put a notice of possible delays on ALL of the listings until further notice.

Or better yet, make a button to set ALL listing’s handling time. So that sellers can simply change the handling once and it’s all done. I mean I only have about a thousand products and I can only imagine the heel the sellers with a lot more have to go through changing all the handling times…

AND make it so you can have delayed responses to customer questions. Limited hours means limited Days for a lot of small businesses. So making the response ok to be a day or more later than usual. It would require Amazon to put an automatic response of: The seller may be delayed up to “so many” days due to the “whatever current disaster the seller types in or selects” Please understand that they will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

This way the sellers are taken care of and the customers are informed of possible delays.


any effect to advertising? can not open advertising page for new seller account. the landing page of amazon advertising is just refreshing and stay on the same page when click “start advertising now” button. Is there anyone who had the same problem cause not receiving any notification that advertising can not been opened for new seller account.




This cheapskate can’t do this!


English please


Yes that is true for the US competitors. But the wave of Chinese counterfeit scammers have flooded in and filled the void. The number one top selling item in Men’s Football Jerseys is one of a group of sellers all selling the same listing, same products. Not only are they violating using multiple accounts, they are selling knock off NFL, NHL, Nike and Adidas.

Their customers have posted actual photos showing embroidered logos and hang tags. 100% Fake. They are selling items that retail from the NFL for $150 for under $40. Amazon will take down the listing for a short time but they always come back.

They’re are currently 17 sellers all selling the same item under different brands and listings. One of them that a customer had posted pics even was enrolled in the brand registry. I had reported that back in January and they took them down but they are back up now.


For booksellers, Biblio has granted leniency when it comes to shipping deadlines during the coronavirus crisis.

Amazon has not.

I will remember this, Jeff.

You will forget.

The people who helped you make billions, we will not.


Dear Amazon Team,
Please fix your mistake. It is devastating our income. When Amazon makes a mistake, shouldn’t it be the highest priority to fix it?.

Your prioritization of FBA shipments made sense.

But mistakenly removing listings because the words ‘hand santizer’, which have been on those listings for YEARS because we were telling people that our art supply is easy to clean with soap and water or hand sanitizer… not selling hand sanitizer, listing easy to clean in the features of an art supply surface!

And your system just breaks us. At a time when people are looking for crafts and art supplies to use at home.

Fix it. Please. This type of story is newsworthy, if not a Gartner case study in poor automation.


If the order is already shipped and they cancel how do we get our product back?


How about helping sellers and returning there money during this pandemic
I started amazon since I got let go of my job
Now somebody reported me for using there listing. I understand a mistake but who hasnt had errors on theres first tries on amazon.
I made 1200 now you guys want to keep it and suspended my account completely.
If somebody knows what to do or can help me on returning my money would be appreciated


@Legit_shop Please post the suspension email from amazon.


High fees = less profit.


They did not relax this. They are holding thousands of dollars of our money after all of our shipments have gone out and will not release our money. We have no poor rating from customers or anything other than 16 orders our of 78 that were late due to COVID and they are holding all of our money. If an order is shipped, it should be illegal to continue to hold our money.


To be fair, I made the post you’re now responding to back on 21Mar`20 - and we ourselves have clear evidence that Amazon actually did temporarily employ a degree of relaxation, extending in the case of many 3P Sellers up to a cut-off date to 31May, if the consensus of the reports I’ve seen posted in the various Amazon Seller Forums (and elsewhere) is to be believed…

Still, I take your point - there have certainly been multiple reports of Amazon doing what humans tend to do - i.e., seeing a problem, turning around 180º, and rushing headlong, heedless, & full speed in the opposite direction - since the relaxation went out of effect…