COVID-19: Impact on the health of your Amazon seller account and frequently asked questions


Turn off the warnings indicators when a seller fails to meet a metric - change the value that will trigger a performance warning or edit the message that is sent to seller when a performance review is triggered to offer some assurance that they’re not just going to throw us under the bus…


In addition, asking a buyer to cancel an order is not only unprofessional, it’s also not customer centric as Amazon claims to be. Why inconvenience a buyer to jump through hoops to cancel an order that a seller cannot fulfill?


I sell on another platform that has come out and announce they are investing 5 million in offsite adds, will give sellers extra time to pay bills and has excellent customer service 24/7 and has committed to “have our back” by providing extra resources to assist us in managing through these times and help our shop stay in good standing.

I means a lot when the CEO posts a letter on the home page of our account saying “We Have Your Back.” Just restating the policies and telling us to shut down if we can’t meet the performance metrics I guess is par for the course.


It would be helpful if they issued the money for shipped orders out quicker instead of waiting the 7 days after delivery…
Right now for many of us Amazon has become our only source income and we are out those funds for up to 14 days.
While we wait for the funds sitting in Amazons bank we have to pay for more material to keep the next next of orders rolling. Without that second income stream due to our stores being closed to the public is makes things difficult.
If they released the funds say 3 days after confirmed shipping it would help immensely.



sell on the same platform and was very pleased to read that from the CEO


Our SFP lead times were extended by a day to promise Friday even though orders placed today can expect delivery on Thursday. Is this a mistake, or intentional, Amazon?


I did cancelled couple order due to supply demand and price change, but I didn’t send the message to the buyer. How can I send them a message now.



Unfortunately once you cancel the order all the buyer seller contact disappears… So you can no longer contact the buyer, it’s gone…

It’s why it’s usually a good idea before you cancel, to contact the buyer, and let them know there’s an issue…

They can still even leave feedback about cancelled orders if they feel like it…

Good luck, you should be fine as long as your volume is enough and your account can take the hit to your odr…


Look, I can fulfill my orders. Apparently, Amazon CANNOT, and it’s holding my inventory. Orders are in pending, and FBA won’t ship them until April. I don’t mind Amazon delaying fulfillment BUT it needs to do the following:

  1. Waive the storage fees for the days after the purchase date and the ship date

  2. If the buy leaves negative feedback for the affected orders, Amazon needs to remove it, REGARDLESS of what the feedback comment is because WE KNOW that an angry buyer could put in more than just complaints of the shipment

  3. Refund / return rate will not affect seller performance for the affected orders


Then why on top of all the mess going on is Amazon deactivating accounts like ours over 1 sku out of over 1,000 we’ve never even sold? We’re here. Ready to ship orders on stuff people need like toilet paper & canned food yet out of the blue we’re “deactivated” like we’re trying to price gouge customers? In our case you’re taking a small business and instead of helping you’re adding to the struggles & stress. We have appealed but were told it may take days - while we get no sales and you hold our $ - before reactivation if we’re even reactivated at all. No idea why Amazon would add to the mess and get good sellers caught up and hurt their business at a time like this. 2 days ago you wanted to loan us $$ and now it’s like you’d like to put us out of business too… Please expedite the reinstatement process so we can get back to business asap.


Bend over for good ol Amazon to put it right where the sun don’t shine! lol

Not sure how long you’ve been selling on Amazon but this is a constant reoccuring thing with them. They are full of greed and have zero compassion for anything that is going on in the world right now that doesn’t concern them.


Never has the buyer canceled his item. I get - ordered by mistake all the time.
Why should honoring a request by a buyer count against a seller in the metrics.


So are you still suspending those that have more than a 4% late shipment rate due to the virus if they are on vacation mode?


I already wrote my Pandemic Apologies for my half dozen late missing or indefinitely delayed orders and now we get hand wavy nonsense on what’s actually about to happen when we all are below every previously stated seller metrics but “Hey yeah ask the buyer to bail you out but also we wont count this”???

Crazy Pills.


Meanwhile you have put a big yellow notice on my front page about “late” orders. None of my customers have complained, and youre still taking your HIGH percentage out of MY money. So, what’s the issue?!


One more should be taken into consideration:
How about orders cannot fulfil promised time, which has shipped by standard/expedited shipment, due to they are suspended on the way or can not deliver to customers because of local postal office’s policy?

  1. Should we refund the expedited shipping?
  2. Amzon can protect this order when there happens a dispute?


In light of the COVID19 Outbreak sales in fashion category are completely impacted, request you to give On vacation option to sellers in Fashion Category. Personally for me, if thus option is not available, I may be forced to shut my seller account. Nobody is buyinf fashion jewelry right now.


Just to be sure - as long as the email header has the topic “order cancelation request” - that is an official cancelation request, correct?


Just put my store on Vacation. My suppliers in every state are now closed - Since our ranking is based on sales, not having any for several weeks will be the death of my business.


Not sure about it…if other sellers are in your position, without stock, than ranking for everyone will go down, so relatively to other sellers, nothing or very little will change.