COVID-19: Impact on the health of your Amazon seller account and frequently asked questions


When are you going to open up FBA. We’re suffering here.


Amazon also needs to understand placing an account on vacation or canceling listing means we cannot pay our bills plus our Amazon Lending loan. We’re sure if we placed our account on vacation our loan isn’t going on vacation either! Please open FBA.


This is not really helpful. For sellers who do 100 seller fulfilled orders on average a day, on Monday if the state we ship out of initiates a lock out (could happen) we can’t go to our warehouse to fulfill, we are expected to message 100’s of customers asking to submit cancellations? Seriously?? If we don’t and just cancel it will hurt metrics? This does not help, we all have bills to pay, leases to pay, employees who count on us for a pay check, but it seems Amazon’s position is shut down now if you don’t want you to be penalized. I’ve always felt Amazon treats 3p sellers concerns as low priority, so I guess it was naive to have hoped in a time like this Amazon would have been a little more understanding with 3rd party sellers


Any update on this ???


So, let me get this straight. If a seller can’t fulfill an order due to their warehouse being closed or some other COVID-19 related issue, Amazon wants us to try and con our buyer into lying about wanting to cancel an order and have them submit an official cancellation request? What kind of Customer Service is that?!

I’m sure most customers would understand us not being able to ship an order, but asking them to lie and go through the trouble to file an official cancellation request to protect our “metrics” is ludicrous!

Amazon, would it kill you to turn off the order cancellation metric until this crisis passes?!


Amazon, you need to relax your delivery standards to allow small mail-order sellers of non-fungible items (like used books/media) to remain in business, even if at a slower pace, during the COVID19 crisis.

Otherwise, you are throttling yet another part of the economy at a time when we can all least afford it.


You cannot get a response from most Amazon customers. They will take this into account after they review your performance. In other words you do all the pointless legwork and we will maybe help you out later when your account is screwed. That is what I am reading. As usual no help. Have you ever tried to get any help with an account problem? This is pointless and does not address the problem and I do not trust Amazon to deliver any help later after it is a problem. Sorry Amazon we do not believe you.


Can Amazon reduce their Subscription fees to $0.00 for their seller partner who are all coping with this since all sales have plummetted. Also, maybe reduce the commission rates from 15% to no higher than 5% would be appreciated during this unprecedented crisis.


I’m sorry but this is basically no help!!!


never confuzed these words with [WILL]=consider-maybe-might-it could be-should be & onnonnonon


Please don’t pad the estimated delivery date displayed to buyers on FBM products just to compensate for Amazon’s inability to ship FBA items on a timely basis. Many of us FBM sellers have top notch shipping and receiving departments and are operating just fine under the current crisis. In fact, based on current stats, carriers are often delivering ahead of schedule.


Also the A-Z guarantees must be suspended right now - especially for food! Don’t want to sound unkind but in 5 years on Amazon I have had 2 A-Zs total so we are top notch seller. Now people want to stock pile free food using any means necessary. I have to cancel large orders because quite frankly if I don’t know you as a client I will not ship 50 jars of sauerkraut to you right now! I have had orders of 20 jars and 30 jars cancelled on me after I shipped the order (because they “ordered by mistake”) and nothing insured me against that loss (yes I used Amazon shipping - yes I bought insurance - neither of the two covered me) - and no the items were NOT returned). I cannot afford to lose inventory like that and will have to kiss my account bye bye sooner rather than later.


Will be nice if Amazon could suspend LTSF fees until this is all over.

  1. What do I do if my business has been stopped and my loan payment is due?

    You are screwed. Jeff will buy your house at auction for $100.


Amazon listen to sellers, we are part of your strong economy, give us concrete answers, this situation is truly damaging small business (3rd party sellers)
we need help!!! just putting our stores on vacations can’t be your only solution , we need to know whats going to happen with fees you charge, membership, are you going to freeze lending payment?, feedback and we can keep the list going.


Just started selling couple months ago. Is Amazon going to punish my sales metric/ranking since (I rank on first page for 2 top main keywords) I’ve been getting low sales to no sales (was averaging 8-9 for 1 product) because a lot of customers are not buying since it takes about 6+ days to ship (FBA, prime) my product. Also, mostly of them need it by the weekend.


You can limit quantities per order.
At least one grocery chain changed their return policy or items purchased during this period.


Please allow sellers unable to replenish FBA inventory with automatic enrollment in Seller Fulfilled Prime for products that have sold out. In light of COVID-19, I can ship faster myself than Amazon, but I lose big time if my products are not PRIME eligible when they have been PRIME eligible as FBA. It’s a win win for Amazon and the sellers because we would ship regular non-emergency products faster than Amazon during this crisis.


Historically, it’s been considered a violation if a seller asks for a buyer to cancel an order the seller refuses to fulfill. If you click on the link above,, it says, “Do not contact the buyer and request that they submit a cancellation request” Now apparently Amazon wants sellers to try that. It’s frankly wrong. As a buyer as well, I’ve gotten many of these requests from sellers who refuse to ship items usually because it’s a price mistake. In the e-mail I get from the sellers, Amazon attaches a survey and it asks if the seller is trying to get you to cancel an order they won’t fulfill. I point this survey out to the sellers. I tell the sellers to cancel on their own and take the hit. It’s slimy and unprofessional for them to both refuse to send you the item then ask you to take the blame. As Amazon states above, your metrics are affected if you, the seller cancels, so I understand why sellers attempt it. And I’m sure there are many naiive buyers who think they should comply with the seller.


Yes thank you - we did limit after the two losses. It costs us our listing place and the buy box but that is ok. Right now I much rather work with established clients anyway…If the policies don’t adjust to the new market realities that HAVE to be more protective of us 3rd party sellers and our valuable inventory I doubt that we will maintain our presence in Amazon.