Counterfeit Products being sold on my listings, Amazon no help


Our products are 100% licensed and we are VERY close the manufacturer and licensee of our items.

We sell our 100% licensed t’shirts at $19.99, and everyday more of these seller just launched and are piggy backing on our listings at $9.99 or less mostly shipping from overseas for half the price. The cost of the shirt is more than they are selling it for.

People have been buying from the counterfeit sellers and then leaving negative reviews on my listing. Obviously the consumer sees a lower price and buys it there, and the item they receive is way different than what is even advertised. We’ve contacted regarding these issues and they’ve been no help.

The licensee/brand owner is on board with doing ANYTHING they can to help us with the situation. Any help and insight is greatly appreciated.


If you have a close relationship with the Brand then have their legal department contact the Amazon office of the General Counsel. Supply all their IP paperwork and state that Amazon SP has been repeatedly contacted and refused to control the Chinese Counterfeits.

The Brand needs to state that Amazon has been formally notified that they are abetting the violation of counterfeiting statutes and that the Brand will take further action if this is not corrected. Make SURE you get a letter of authorization for YOU TO SELL ON AMAZON included as part of the paperwork…

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Thanks - where do we find the contact for the General Councel?


The brand owner and manufacturer is the one who has to notify Amazon that Seller XYZ is selling counterfeit products


Amazon has a method in place for this.

You purchase the item. When it arrives you report it complete with photos and open a return request for not as described. If it is turned down by the seller then you open an A to Z.

The verbage and exact process is in multiple postings in this forum and you should be able to find it with a search for “report counterfeit”.

My search turned up the following.

Sagemaiden’s warning is absolutely correct. Make sure you have that letter of approval!

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This is how asin’s die.

There’s nothing you can do. By the time you get delivery of your test buy that seller is gone because they burned Amazon buyers. Can you imagine the 1,000’s of a-z claims generated by these bogus overseas sellers?

Then 1 day you wake up and miraculously the listing is all yours and other legitimate sellers. The chinese sellers are gone. You are happy and Amazon buyers are happy and Amazon gets
their commission without a-z claims.

You are happy for a day, a week, a month. You order more inventory, you take your family on vacation or lease a new car.
You get excited, bring in new styles, and make plans to grow your business on Amazon.

Then you wake up 2 months later and your listings are again flooded with just launched overseas bootleggers and scammers and you panic.

Depression sets in, credit card balances increase, you question why this has to be so stressful.
You start making arrangements to sell your products elsewhere. You scan the forums for help or post to vent. You apply to walmart and list a few things on ebay. You don’t want to because you love the Amazon platform but what choice do you have. Your families financial future is at stake.

Instead of concentrating on customer service and offering Amazon buyers the best products, and getting new in demand inventory you become obsessed looking at your listings, are they still there?, have the asins slowed due to bad reviews?, or in extreme cases has Amazon just got fed up and killed the asin, now you panic to get your real licensed products reactivated and even though you have been on Amazon for 3 years with perfect metrics and sent in hundreds of invoices it all starts again.

I think this is why mothers want their children to become doctors. LOL

Good luck!



Bingo, the 100s of negative product reviews of the bogus overseas sellers items will make the ASIN be viewed as poorly made for all potential future buyers.


Take a look at Amazon Brand Registry with the manufacturer allowing you to register as the agent authorized to build and maintain products on Amazon.


Have you considered the T-shirt-specific selling platform [Merch by Amazon (link)|] ?

While I think @Sagemaiden’s recommended approach is the way to go, this might be worth having a look-see.


As a genuine brand seller, I would like to share my ongoing experience on fighting ethical and illegal Amazon sellers hijacking our Tressmatch brand listings to sell his own counterfeit products, without any notice to or permission to us. I sincerely hope all the genuine brand product sellers and all the responsible customers on Amazon can unite together to urge Amazon management and help Amazon improve its rules and policies in this regard.

First of all, I am posting these questions to Amazon management including Mr. Bezos:

  1. Why is it so easy and simple for any ill-intentional person to hijack a brand product listing with abnormal pricing (by simply copying the ASIN of a brand product to list their counterfeit products within two seconds without any pre-approval from Amazon or contacting the intellectual right owner)?
  2. why is it so hard and helpless for the genuine seller to defend its law-protected brand when this happens (she has to go through an ironic, unfair, expensive, time-consuming and extremely painful “test-buy” process)?
  3. To what extent does Amazon tolerate counterfeit products to be abundant on
  4. To what extent does Amazon’s policy permit illegal products to insult, damage and destroy those genuine brand products under attack?
  5. Despite numerous complaints and media reports about this issue, for how many more years would Amazon let these tragedies repeatedly happen over and over and again?

Then please let me share my experience. We, Hair Beauty Supply LLC, are the exclusive manufacturer and seller of TRESSMATCH® Hair Extensions with particular manufacture standards, packing materials and images. We’ve successfully registered it with USPTO in 2012. Our official website is, starting selling these products Feb 2012. We started selling on Amazon in May 2012 and registered with Amazon Brand Registry in Nov 2012. Over the past five years, I have witnessed too many Chinese sellers listing their counterfeit products for sale on Amazon, getting tons of reviews overnight, being shutdown by Amazon, and then again showing up with other accounts and product names. As our brand gains popularity on, there often have been unknown sellers who use our brand name to sell their own products without any notice to or our permission from us.

For instance, most recently we’ve found our trademark TRESSMATCH® has appeared on the products of the Seller “tianjun zhuangshi ”, a seller based in China. The seller use the product listing pages of TRESSMATCH® products to sell his counterfeit products without any notice to or permission to us . For this reason, our trademark is used inappropriately and illegally by the seller.

Despite our contacting of the seller regarding the issue with our USPTO trademark certificate, despite our filing reports to Amazon and our test-buying of one of the seller’s products, as of now the seller still has the at least two product listings using the trademark “TRESSMATCH® hair Extensions” on Amazon.

In order to defend our brand, on April 24th 2015 we test ordered all the quantities (157 in total) of the above two listings entered by the seller, costing us $ 7056.03(charged already from our credit card on file). But anyway, by buying out all the fake product quantities, the genuine product listings were able to reappear on the first positions for a while to the customers. Surprisingly, the Seller agreed to ship out his counterfeit products to us but stating the shipping takes more than three weeks to six weeks or even longer. Moreover, hours later the counterfeit seller entered even larger quantities (estimated thousands to ten thousands) on these two listings to continue playing the game. Out of anger and helplessness, I tried to test buy new orders in the quantities of 500, 990, 500, and 900 respectively, costing $ 127,775.10 on our credit card balance. Then I realized we have no way to buy out all of them due to our credit card limits, and due to the seller’s evil intention. That means those counterfeit product listings will take over our listings on for as long as the evil seller wants.

Since we started selling on Amazon in early 2012, this situation has happened many times. And everytime when this happens, as the owner I am sleepless at night with anger, helplessness and despair. Hoping to help Amazon improve this policy as references, I have reviewed the policies of how to protect genuine brand products and intellectual rights from other online marketplaces including Ebay. For example, Ebay has a Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program facilitating for intellectual property rights owners to file claims. Moreover, Ebay explicitly require all sellers to create legally compliant listings by doing the following:
• Create your own listing content instead of copying others
• Make sure the statements in your listing are accurate
• Make sure your item is authentic
• Before listing, contact the intellectual property owner with any questions
• Review the Vero participant pages created by intellectual property rights owner

You may learn more details at its website

Everyone is welcome for discussion.


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