Confused with inventory storage limit & Amazon's recent statement


Hi all.

I am just curious whether I can send in more inventory than what my inventory storage limit is saying. Our IPI score dipped to 393 (7 pts below threshold) and now we are told we can only send in ~450 cu. ft. for standard size.

Then I see this statement from Amazon saying we can send in as much as we want:

Can anyone clarify this discrepancy? This is the first time we have been restricted in what we can send to Amazon, and we have good sell through and all other metrics. We have simply been out of stock for a little while longer than desired due to COVID.

Any advice helps.




Months ago Amazon put limits on how many units you could ship in on certain ASINs. This had nothing to do with the limits based on your IPI score. If you are limited due to your IPI score you need to bring your inventory down to that limit or they will nail you with overage charges.


I understand this, but in the statement I posted above, they claim to have removed quantity limits for inbound shipments?


Two different things… When Amazon focused on essential items during the beginning of lock downs they would tell you that you could not send in anything that was not essential. After a few weeks they started letting sellers send in inventory with quantity limits. You could not ship anything and everything that you wanted. Those limits have since been lifted and you can send in whatever you want. That however has nothing to do with the limits put on you by your IPI score.