Confused on if I need GTIN, UPC, LPN RR - Noobie question


I’m listing my product but I am not sure what code I actually need…seems very confusing at first. So the product is in the Toy&Games category (but could also be in Office Equipment). There are other sellers, but only a few, and the product variations (size and details) are different.

Do I need GTIN? UPC?? I’m very lost here…



You need some form of GTIN, a UPC would be most common, if you have not been granted a GTIN exemption.

You may need additional approvals as well.


If there is already a listing for an item, it already has a UPC or an exemption. UPC & GTIN are the same thing. If you are creating a new item, you need to input a UPC or an exemption.


Is this some generic product that you got from overseas? Or is it a well known branded product?


The only thing not covered already in the comments is that a GTIN is a vague term, could mean many different barcode formats.

The most common is UPC, followed by EAN and ISBN.

ISBNs are ony for books, whereas the UPC/EAN are universal IDs for products, issued by GS1.

If you just need to buy a UPC/EAN for a new product you can do so here: