Confused In the Buy Box, Keepa shows sales, my acct shows none?


Hello. I am hoping that someone can explain to me why I am not seeing the sales on an item that I know has sold at least 6x over the last day(according to Keepa and Helium10 charts) and that I have been in the buy box for during the same time? I just don’t understand why I haven’t gotten the sales. There is one other fba seller (at same price) and 4 fbm sellers (at same price or higher).
Thanks in advance for any info. or ideas about what is happening.

  • The data from your 3rd party apps might be inaccurate or delayed.
  • Your offer might not have shown in the BB for all Buyers, depending on their location, Seller/product location, and delivery times.
  • Those sales might not have been to Prime Buyers.
  • The other Sellers might have better feedback.
  • The other Sellers might be running promos/coupons.
  • The other Sellers might offer B2B discounts.
  • Many Buyers do not trust “fulfilled by Amazon”.
  • The Buyers might have a good track record with the other Sellers’ service (repeat customers).
  • The FBM Sellers might also be Prime and/or offer free shipping.
  • etc etc

The idea that the BB is magical for all items, categories, Sellers, or Buyers is a myth. It is sometimes more lucrative but often not.


Ahhh, thanks for the reply, very useful. I am new to Amazon and am learning how the game works everyday.


No worries. We all are. :slightly_smiling_face: