Confused Customer Leaves 1-Star Seller Review - No help from Amazon


Did you get the feedback removed?


Pet_Health_Market, no the feedback is still there. No one from Amazon replied. Regular Amazon sounds very helpful on the phone when you call them but advise that a different team ( is responsible for dealing with these types of issues. That team does not reply back when you email them. Customer is always MIA and we cant get a hold of him.


That’s a shame, usually if our feedback removal cases are rejected, we resubmit them and they often get removed once they look at it a little closer. Hope everything works out.


Customer left me one star for item I did not sell them. I sold them sports net and they left one star complaining about shoes that didn;t fit. Amazon said they can;t change it. Amazon does not care about the sellers only the buyers. With out the sellers there is no Amazon. Can’t figure them out you would think they want you to sell so they get there 20%



So you respond to the feedback… just cut and paste the paragraph below… Hopefully that will negate some of the potential harm this could do with the perception of your business , it’s all about perception… unfortunately Amazon has gotten very Twitchy, about removing any feedback, so you need to handle it yourself…

Thank you very much for your thoughts…Unfortunately according to our orders you bought a “fishing net”… we do not sell shoes, perhaps you have confused this order with another purchase you made … But were happy with your “sports net”… Any questions please contact us?


I want to let everyone know that the yesterday I logged in to my Seller Reviews page and somehow the Amazon Gods have smiled upon us. After many attempts to get Amazon to assist in this matter I gave up on it. But 3 weeks later the 1-star review mysteriously disappeared and I don’t think it was the customer because we tried reaching out to him with no response. So I guess I just want to say: thanks… Jeff :slight_smile: We are back to 100% wohooooo.


6% negative ratings is not going to ruin your business. My rating has dropped to 88% positive due to demonstrably untrue negative ratings and sales have not changed one bit, in fact are better than 1 year ago when I was 100% positive. Just post a professionally worded response, not a rant, and move on.


I would be contacting a lawyer in this case to see if this was actionable. Also, I would report the seller, as leaving a review for another seller of the same products you do is a HUGE no no.