Confused Customer Leaves 1-Star Seller Review - No help from Amazon


We have a customer who left us a 1 star seller review stating that he placed an order and then got a notification from Amazon about the first order being cancelled. So 4 days he placed another order and got 2 items instead of one from us. We have zero emails to and from this customer on Amazon and have never sent him any cancellations for orders so clearly the customer is very confused. In addition to this, the customer is not replying back so we cant get a hold of them and work to resolve the issue.

Amazon is doing nothing about the review and being completely blind to all facts even thought its clear that this negative review ruining our account should not be posted. This is our first 1-star review and now because of it we are showing a 6% negative feedback rating on our Seller Profile. If anyone has any suggestions on how we should proceed please let us know.

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Did you file a claim with Amazon after they reviewed the feedback and found it didn’t violate policy?
If not, this would be your next step.


Yes, we went through the whole process and all we got back is the a message saying that the review does not violate any of the policies. So a very blind reply back from Amazon and from a group that seems like they did not actually evaluate any of the clearly available facts. If the customer would have gotten any cancellation messages from Amazon his order would than actually be cancelled.


So the easiest thing to do is politely professionally point out that the customer is confused about his order status… And thanking him for his business… advising him if he has any other questions to contact you?

There are lots of confused customers out there, they’re confusing their orders they are not good at shopping online, they don’t understand Amazon’s platform excetera… Amazon has gotten very Corky odd and strange, and they will not remove feedback these days usually for any purpose, and if you ask again they’ll threaten to cancel your account…

The reason you do this politely & businesslike is for the next person looking at things… You do not want to appear to be some sort of sleazebag…

The days of Amazon removing feedback or pretty much over…

And you are probably wasting a lot of time trying to make this happen instead of just responding politely…


Vespa, thank you for the reply but believe me, we have tried to very politely reach out to this customer multiple times but got zero replies back. We were polite and just asked the customer to reply back to us because we would like to clear everything up and refund his first order without him even having to send the product back to us.

We would never be impolite to a customer for any reasons. That would just make things worse and we know that.



Forget trying to reach out to the customer, do it directly on the page where you’re seeing the one-star review…

That way it’s public… Respond to the feedback…


Vespa we did that as well. Make a public reply to the feedback and also tried to get the feedback removed from using the drop down menus but that did not work. Problem is almost no one will look for and see or reply to the feedback. Most customers just see 94% positive reviews or 6% negative reviews on Amazon pages and they wont go hunting to see what our reply was to that negative feedback. Plus that reply keeps dropping lower and lower down the page with new reviews added at the top. Thank you for your assistance!


You want it to drop lower on the page. That means things are moving on. It is what it is, you will get negatives, and amazon is VERY reluctant to remove feedback unless it violates policy. Ask the customer to remove it, and provide them the direct link to the page they can do it from. Note: you can only request this from each customer once per order.


A very confused customer is likely one who is rarely on email, rarely on the internet,rarely shops online.
It could take weeks or even months before you get a reply.
Think alike to snowbirds - they will order a few books to take down south with them and some of them don’t even use the internet at all while they are down south. We special order items in for folks like this and I have to be careful when it gets close to the time when they leave or I will be sitting with their item for 6 months waiting for them to get home - to their northern home!!


Just make sure you understand the terminology. What you’re referring to is a feedback, not a seller review.
You have feedback which is for the seller and then you have a review which is for the item sold.
Don’t confuse the two.


Seller Feedback

Product Review


Once! No more.

You may contact a buyer about seller feedback (not for product reviews though), but only once.


It is a violation to provide links within messages to customers even if they are links to Amazon pages. When you get caught doing this, Amazon will give you a warning and block you from sending messages to customer for 30 days. Do not provide links to Amazon pages or any other links within emails to customers.

OP, as others said, just respond to the feedback. Here is what I would say:

  • Customer placed two orders and we did not receive a cancellation request on either. We will accept either order back for a refund within Amazon’s guidelines. We have resolved this issue to the customer’s satisfaction.

This is for future customers, not the one who left it.

In the end, you don’t need to worry about the feedback. Few customers see the seller ratings as the feedback is not shown on Amazon’s app when on a product page looking at the offers.


Probably too late to edit, but I suspect you didn’t mean to include that “not”


Yes, you are correct. It should have said it is a violation. I have edited to fix the error.


I have a similiar story with Ă  customer. After she put a bad review and she get refund she try To delete the review but que have Ă  bug and cant supress this bad review.

She contact Amazon and i too and no one are willing To help.

As a new business with like 50 orders and 3 reviews only thats really HURT my business!!!


I had 2 1-star reviews from a competitor saying “Don’t buy this product, buy from us, we sell cheaper”. Asked for removal, got back “does not violate guidelines” and review still up.

Same thing with feedbacks that are not at all linked to products I sell.

Bottom line: The customer could be lieing saying the sky is green instead of blue. If it doesn’t violate the guidelines checklist, they won’t remove it. The customer has to use obscene language for it to be removed.


@Artcanvas I feel your pain!! When it comes to feedback and Amazon I really hate how it is run! You should STILL be able to see the buyers feedback and STILL be able to leave the buyer feedback in situations like this. Not only that but being able to view the buyers feedback before shipping used to let me know if this customer was one with excellent feedback or a buyer who gave other buyers trouble. If I saw a buyers review page and it said from other sellers “Buyer claims to have not received items” a few times for example I would then definitely pay out of my own pocket to get a tracking number WITH SIGNATURE!! Now IM SHIPPING BLIND!! AT LEAST ON EBAY YOU CAN SEE ALL BUYERS FEEDBACK STILL! Amazon customer service as a whole in my 12 years experience of selling isn’t that helpful most times and they wont let you talk on the phone to anyone from the A to Z department. Seller support can’t do refunds like on eBay only A to Z dept. LMAO What a joke!! Oh and A to Z is a STUPID AND ANNOYING name to call it that deptment!! Just call it Resolution center or screw the seller center!! THEY ALWAY SIDE WITH THE BUYER!! One last thing… On Amazon ONLY 2-3% of my customers leave feedback and on eBay 99% of my customers leave feedback. Go figure?


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