Competitors violating state law regarding advertising food products


Some food products have trademarked certain names for a region that food is produced in. I.e. Florida Oranges or Vidalia Onions (Georgia). I am selling a similar product and find that most of the competing products are not on the extensive list maintained by the state department of agriculture. Ultimately that’s diluting the value of that regional name and in general many of these products have more negative reviews claiming low quality.

In theory the state department of agriculture can file an injunction, but the reality is if you have a California business selling California oranges that you label as Florida oranges, Florida can’t enforce that law. However, if they’re selling on Amazon I assume they might take those type of violations more seriously.

Is this something Amazon would take action if the state were to contact them? It’s essentially selling counterfeit goods, it’s just the trademark is held by the state or the trade groups backed by the state, not a private company like Nike.