Competitor left me a bad review, amazon doesn't even let us respond to bad reviews now!


Ahh Yes…

That reminds us of a 1 star review where the customer complained
that her package was left in her mailbox on a hot day in Texas.

We understand that Amazon logistics is not supposed to use mailboxes
but that is beside the point.

We think the customer would have complained about wherever the
package was left…

After all it was “A hot day in Texas”. :sunny:


In regards to leaving a comment to customer feedback it does not
matter if the customer has opted in or out of communications.

The communication or reply is not addressed to the customer.
The response is left independent of the customers actions or lack of them.


I was referring to reaching out to customers on negative reviews when you’re brand registered.


You are correct in that general customer communications are dependent
upon whether or not a customer has opted in or out of communications.

The post of ours that you responded to had nothing to do with that.

A Brand registered seller can respond to feedback.
It doesn’t matter what the customer has opted into or out of.

We just wanted to clear that up so less experienced sellers
would not be confused by your post as it was not relevant
to our statement of responding to feedback as a Brand registered seller.


So many little people…, I’ll see your 44 and raise you 52.


Lmfao no way


I have Brand Registry and I can’t respond to a review, at least I don’t think I can. I’ve tried to respond and I can’t figure it out. I’ve tried to complain to Amazon that it’s nonsense, and they ignore my emails.


To our knowledge, a review can not be responded to regardless of brand registry.

Only seller feedback can be responded to and only if you have brand registry.


OK, thank you for that info. Is there anything you can do for an impossible review? Let’s say a review said “This product gave me AIDS!” Can I get it removed? I have a customer that bought my product and said “This product GAVE me an infection!” That is impossible!


Only seller feedback can be responded to and only if you have brand registry.

FYI - I don’t have any brands, so no brand registry, and I have the ‘Post a public reply’ option on every feedback. :woman_shrugging:



I have a customer that bought my product and said “This product GAVE me an infection!” That is impossible!

How can you possibly know it’s impossible? The buyer could have used your product in a way it wasn’t intended, or could be allergic to an ingredient, or who knows what else. You can’t really “know” that what they claimed didn’t happen.

While you can’t respond directly to a buyer’s product review, you can add your answer to any questions that are asked in the Q&A section on the product page. Find the ’ Customer questions & answers’ section (these instructions pertain to working on a desktop, I don’t manage my Amazon account via mobile device or app).

Click on the title of a question you want to reply to. You should see something like this:

Enter your response and click ‘Answer’. Be sure to respond professionally. Your relationship to the product (manufacturer, seller, etc) will appear next to your response. You don’t want to say anything like - the person who claimed our product gave them an infection is lying.


You are right, there is a possibilty that they had some kind of crazy reaction, but I know it didn’t give them an infection.
It’s a review, not a Q&A question. I think I’m stuck with it and I’ll just move on with my life.


The policy changed very long time ago.


Thanks for your input.

Can you elaborate?


No worries. Check this, plz.


Thank you.

Yes this is how we understood it.

When the change was implemented all of our previous informative / helpful
comments to reviews were removed as well.

We suppose that since infections are generally caused by viruses or bacteria, that if
a product is actually infecting people it should be removed from the market for containing
viruses or bacteria.

If we use some foot spray in a way “not intended” like spraying it on our eyes well that
certainly would cause some harm… but not directly cause an “infection”.

This is good advice and a great work around when there are previously asked
questions on a product that are relevant.

We suppose that if there was a question about the ingredients of a product a seller
could respond, once receiving a bad review like this one, that the product contains
no known viruses or bacteria’s.

This is always good advice.

Agreed… even when they are.

In any event @Original_Foot_Dope seems to have the right idea concerning
selling on Amazon…


Good to know.

Our mistake. :woman_shrugging:

We failed to differentiate that FBA sellers do not have this option
for negative feedback (1-3) because it is struck through by Amazon.

The only option we have is to “contact customer”.

We are only able to “post a public reply” to positive feedback.


I’m an amazon handmade seller. I’m talking about the customer leaving a PRODUCT REVIEW (it’s my handmade product, no one else sells it, I make it from scratch). I am NOT talking about leaving a review for my store. I’m talking about a PRODUCT REVIEW.


Many scam sellers maliciously attack competitors listings so that they can monopolize the sales,such as those scam brands in this post:

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