CompetitivePriceId = 1 vs. BuyBoxWinner


Below is a response from get_competitive_price_for_asin. If “belongsToRequester” is True and “CompetitivePriceId = 1”, does that imply that the requester is the BuyBoxWinner? or simply state that the Requester is the same price as what is in the Buy Box?

get_lowest_price_offer_listings_for_asin has a very low rate limit, so I’d love to find a way to get BuyBuxWinner a different way

{‘ASIN’: {‘value’: ‘XXXXXXXX’},
‘status’: {‘value’: ‘Success’},
‘Product’: {‘Identifiers’: {‘MarketplaceASIN’: {‘MarketplaceId’: {‘value’: ‘ATVPDKIKX0DER’},
‘ASIN’: {‘value’: ‘XXXXXXXX’}}},
‘CompetitivePricing’: {‘CompetitivePrices’: {‘CompetitivePrice’: {‘belongsToRequester’: {‘value’: ‘true’},
‘condition’: {‘value’: ‘New’},
‘subcondition’: {‘value’: ‘New’},
‘CompetitivePriceId’: {‘value’: ‘1’},


I don’t think either call will show you the buy box winner. The lowest price does not always win the buy box as there are more factors that determine the buy box winner. The lowest price might not even be eligible to win the buy box let alone be winning it.


Ok thanks very much! GetLowestPricedOfferListingforASIN has a field IsBuyBoxWinner, but that endpoint only allowed 200 requests per hour.

Much appreciated!

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