Company closing down, want to sell my 10K UPC codes


Fear not! My barcode is in the GS1 database.


Anyone re-selling their bar-codes attached to their company prefix within the GS1 database is against the law.

What law? Please supply law number.


Fingers AND toes crossed!

  • If you paid a membership fee to UCC prior to August 28, 2002, you will be entitled to perpetual membership in UCC and not be obligated to pay annual renewal fees to UCC, either now or in the future, as a condition for continued membership in UCC, or as a condition for your continued use of the company prefix issued to you before August 28, 2002.

snipped irrelevant information:

  • When GS1 acquired the UCC, they too were bound by the terms of this agreement. Members that purchased their codes before August 28, 2002 pay no renewal fees and are not bound by the terms of GS1’s licensing agreement. Hence, only these firms are allowed to resell UPC codes.

The OP, is permitted to resell, under the terms of a settlement that was reached.


I should had kept that class action letter I received as a proof. Damn! Didn’t think ahead that I would be closing down the business after 14+ years.


This thread here may help answer your question


What I was thinking, don’t know if it’s feasible or not, in addition to your thought of a buyback, by GS1, why not see if one of the bulk UPC suppliers, may be interested?

You should be able to get a copy of the settlement and since you are still registered, under GS1, you have legitimate proof.

PMing a link to you.


Oh for sure, OP can definitely prey on ignorant small businesses. Surely because they were purchased prior to the acquisition and settled in a court case.

This thread here may also help shed some light on the OP’s topic


The OP is looking to sell the entire lot of 10K codes, which, by law, he is permitted to do, not go into business, reselling them on eBay!

There is a difference.


Right, thought someone mentioned the OP also being able to sell them individually attached to his company name, as well? I also thought I saw him post this:

Which settled in the court case, he is allowed to actually do either or!

Please site the law code? I still cannot find the “law” portion


Please don’t twist the narrative. I asked questions and others gave suggestions. When and where did I suggest that I am going to “definitely prey on ignorant small businesses”? By the way, I find your choice of words malicious.

Please mind your words.


I got a couple hundred for under 10 cents each a year ago for kitting some products. I’d guess 10,000 at a shot would be way less than that. I still have leftovers. Someone that needs 10,000 unique codes seems like a really really rare sale and at under 10 cents a pop, hardly worth working to find that one in a million buyer, but I guess that $500 can keep a house warm for a month or 2…


:grimacing: That might have been me, posting the $5/each screenshot from Speedy. :thinking:

I was thinking along the lines of @Rushdie, that if permitted, OP could see to Speedy or similar:

However, I am not sure of all the rules governing the pre-GS1 codes and/or owners–in other words, whether that’s permitted and/or the best value for the asset, etc.


Oops, your bad! lol, j/k

The problem I have with re-sellers is, later down the road when the small business wants to grow, these single bar-codes they purchase will not be accepted here at amazon and also will not be accepted by a lot of other retailers because the company information doesn’t match. Now the small business has another huge hurdle, which could have been avoided had they of not chosen to purchase cheap bar-codes form re-sellers. I think the OP would be better off selling as a whole and collecting the asset as a lump sum as he originally had planned.


:rofl: I highly suspect your 10 cents barcodes aren’t in the same category as my 10K one.


Anyone re-selling their bar-codes attached to their company prefix within the GS1 database is against the law.
This thread here may help

The thread is a discussion. Therefore, I repeat: What law? Please supply law number.


Dam. Nowadays for 10k barcodes you may be looking at thousands a year in renewal fees.

They’re def worth a bit for sure.




Come again? …Translation: How much? I pay 2 cents per UPC number now.


Why would it be a huge hurdle to register with GS1 down the road if needed or warranted, as opposed to now.