"Comment" button on Product Review


Hi there,

Does anyone notice the “Comment” button on Product Review is no longer available?

Thank you!



Under announcements there was an article by Amazon about this issue…

You could search for and read it…

Sometime in the last month…


yes. Old news. I don’t agree with it but what can you do?


Hmmm … Okay, many thanks for letting me know. I even did not notice there was a news. I searched news in December but did not find it.



I looked I thought it was under announcements – there are multiple threads about the subject…

??? Read it somewhere ???


Some sellers received notice from Amazon … see example in this thread:


You are canceling a basic right to the sellers to defend themselves from bad faith customers and other competitors, false claims and clarification of misunderstandings.
On the other hand, we lost the ability to resolve issues with customers

This is not good for anyone.


Yeah, Amazon decided we shouldn’t be able to correct customer misinformation any longer.

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