Closed listings not closing


So I’m updating inventory, and closed listings are still showing up, not only in my inventory, but on the listing page as well. My inventory count is not being reflected by the closings, and the listings are still searchable, everywhere. Anyone else?


If there is another seller on the listing it will stay. You stated close, you should just delete them.


I have the same problem, I am not able to close any listings. Have they fixed it for you?


Not sure if you are reporting a new glitch or if you don’t quite understand the catalog detail page process.

Once you create a detail page it is permanent unless Amazon deliberately does something to it.

Closing your listing does not affect the detail page. Deleting your listing does not affect the detail page.

If a detail page has no offerings, it may become suppressed and not show up in a search – but it still exists.


They have; it did take about 36 hours for the closed listings to show as closed.


I have been having the same problem the last couple of weeks. I have been attempting to Close listings in my inventory, but they are remaining Active. Generally, we will close listings that we do not have available to ship so that we can “Relist” them from our Inactive inventory page. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a way to fix this?


The issue is ongoing for me. It has been correcting itself usually within 24 hours.


Yes, huge problem with my listings as well, cannot close them. Amazon has no idea how to fix, they don’t even understand the problem. Has anyone else had this issue fixed?


Not fixed, but rectified after around 36 hours. While the issue is persistent, it poses no real threat to your active listing inventory.


I have experienced this as well. I’ve been a seller for 5 years and know how the listing process works. And my closed listings are still showing as active in my inventory. The last one I tried finally closed after 24 hours. Just tried to close another one. Hopefully it will be closed by the morning, LOL. Not sure what is happening but there is a real problem here.


Yes the same issue. We are trying to close 2 listings but the status is not changing.
All we get is the message after trying to close the listing :slight_smile:
“Your recommendations are being considered. If we accept your suggestions, the changes will be reflected in 15 minutes.”


I am having the same problem when I close an item it does not close it stays active.


Closing is still not working I have closed items long before 36 hours ago and they are still active. I closed them many weeks ago and no matter how many times I do it they do not close. Anyone else?


Yes same problem, and amazon is not helping.


It’s still happening at least for me. Takes at least 12 hours before a listing in inventory finally changes to “closed” instead of active. Seems updating the price is much quicker and takes effect within minutes. This is not good if you need to close an item out and it’s still available for purchase 12+ hours after closing it. Definitely an issue that needs to be fixed by Amazon.