Chinese Hijacking of English Language books for bootleg copyright editions


strong text The Chinese have begun hijacking Prime Amazon English Language books with their own bootleg ( Chinese Edition) pages. I don’t know how to report it, as " report product information" page doesn’t seem to work. Does Amazon do anything about this or even understand that it happens? @SEAmod
I even found a page for " the giving tree" that some chinese electronics seller had hijacked to sell some gadget.


I have also found out more info: Jily Books Beijing Juvenile & Childrens Publishing House We are building a better place for people to by Chinese books online. Jilu Books is associated with Jily Books (基路书店),
The Chinese are invading the book area by taking over listings. As this is a large company they are going to do a lot of damage, such as finish off selling books in english in the US . I hope that Amazon cares enough to stop it,
I did file a complaint about this seller a few minutes ago with seller support.


I looked up the trade edition of this famous book by a famous author, and found the english language edition is the only one allowed under copyright laws, and Simon & Schuster is the current publisher.
The Chinese hijacker took over an listing created during the BK era of Amazon ( before kindle) and was orphaned when amazon removed all images posted by sellers, making it easy for the Hijacker to insert his/her/it bootleg copy


How many listings have you found? I have not run across this issue yet.


about three , that I remember because I don’t always keep track


I ordered a copy of the book from Amazon LLC to see if they were selling the current legal edition of this book.
I was sent a book all in chinese, published in china.
amazon’s reply to me when I sent them the information last week , was that I had sent the information to the wrong department ( boilerplate response) and they nicely gave me three links where I could re-send the information.
This means that a major publisher, Simon & Schuster, which currently is the legal publisher of this book ( 2007 Aladdin paperbacks ) has been pushed off the page entirely.
Maybe one of the mods could forward this to Amazon for me. Thank you
ps according to Books in Print there is no chinese edition of this book, a book published in the US in 1948.