Child Safety No Response


We were sent a notice by Child Safety for 4 of our products at the beginning of April. We responded within 1 hour with the required Toy Safety information. There was some follow up from Child Safety for the documentation in a different format which we immediately provided. We did not hear back again from them. On April 28 I sent a follow up to them asking if they needed more info or if everything was okay. Again, we did not hear back.

Earlier today they suppressed those 4 toy listings because they said we didn’t provide the information even though we clearly did. We then sent all the information to child safety again but again have not heard anything back and our listings are still suppressed.

What else can we do to get our listings re-activated ASAP? I don’t know if the child-safety email address is even getting the emails since we haven’t heard anything back from them although the cc address I sent the information to did get it. Thank you.


Could a moderator please chime in on this. Child safety is either not getting our emails or is not following up on them so what can we do??? Thank you.


Moderator? Child Safety is not getting our emails or following up on them and now 4 of our products are delisted. If child safety isn’t responding what can we do??? Thank you.


I sent them the required documents in April, and they emailed me back saying they approved it.

I just noticed right now that they suppressed my listing that they supposedly approved, with the stranded reason “product safety documents required”.

You have to be kidding me Amazon. I just lost a whole day’s worth of sales. They already approved my documents and still took down my listing.


Ugh. That’s painful. At least you got a response. I just was told to send in the documents. I did but then never heard back. I even wrote them last week asking if everything was good or they needed more info. Again, silence. This whole day I’ve just been waiting for a response from somewhere but nothing. I hope you get yours resolved quickly.


They will get to it. We had a listing taken down while we went back and forth over them wanting phthalates test results for an item that is the wrong material for that test. However all the correct docs were submitted.

It’s just a matter of time. There is a hard deadline on the listings, which does not change while you’re waiting for the docs to be approved. Though the listing goes away, it isn’t removed from the system. Our experience has been that when the docs are finally reviewed and approved, the listing will return along with all the associated reviews.

The number of ASINs they’re requiring docs for seems to increase faster than the support staff available to review them.



Thank you. All of our documents have been in since April 7. We are fine with sending in what is required but there has to be a better process. We were never sent an email acknowledging the documents were received and our follow up asking if they required more information was not responded too either.

Since this is all done through email there isn’t a way to track anything about this. It goes into a black hole that hopefully one day will spit out the correct answer assuming the documents even arrived which we have no proof of one way or another. That is not right for sellers. This is our business.


Big_Mick - when your listings came back up were they penalized in any way by the algorithm or did they retain their rankings and sales?


That’s a good question. They were picking off my listings a few at a time, so I was focused on trying to get out in front of the issue and line up a bunch of new labs in different parts of the world for my prop items, and reach out proactively to my non-prop suppliers to get access to their docs.

Now that you’ve got me thinking about it, my gut is that it did take a little time for them to get moving again. I had a day last month where I noticed that I had a bunch of sales on an FBM item that was knocked out for several weeks, and I remember thinking “Ok cool, we’re back in business on widgit #27.” It was at least 10-14 days after the listing was restored.

Sorry that I don’t have better data for you.



We had a similar experience. We got the automated notification that we had responded to the case, and that’s about it except for: (a) your submission is incomplete, or (b) your docs have been accepted and the listing restored.

In the middle of the process I objected to the requirement of a phthalates test for hard plastics (because by definition and CPSIA standards, that means that phthalates cannot have been used) and requested an escalation - which I surprisingly got. However, lower levels of support never did understand, so I just gave up and paid for a needless test.

This was all before the COVID crisis really hit. The most recent listing was restored on April 8th; just days before the stuff really hit the fan from a Seller standpoint.



Interesting. I had a similar experience as you with the phthalates test. We weren’t required to have the test and the lab said there was nothing for them to test for what Amazon wanted but in the end I was so worn down I just had the lab test for it anyway. It was a waste of everyone’s time and our money but it wasn’t worth trying to continue to explain to someone who has a checklist that they want to check off that what they were asking for was ridiculous.