Check your puzzle prices


Might want to check your puzzles …a shelter at home product …we have sold puzzles 3 days in a row

We upped some (will they sell?) & lowered some (time to get rid of them)

Not a big profit thing because of ship costs …but they are selling now


I understand your impulse, but I think in today’s environment, it would be better to just keep that under your hat.


All 50 States’ Attorney Generals are on the look-out for price gouging — upping prices during the quarantine period, now set for April 30th.
Personally, I think you just set yourself up to be looked at.
Even though puzzles may be selling, doesn’t mean you should raise your prices. So many people are not getting paid, and it’s kind of a bad look.
Just my opinion,


Lowered puzzle prices also …to sell them off … never raise prices to the max …I’m a natural low baller

Is it against the law to raise prices now ? …even for books?

I always raise/ lower prices when I’m relaxing …thought the gouging rules were for cleaning & medical


Price gouging is only in effect for “essential” items during an emergency declaration.

Right now, for this particular emergency, it applies to things like medical supplies and household necessities, as you said.

I don’t think puzzles would be considered “essential” in any emergency. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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