Check HTML tags on your listings


In order to provide security for our customers as well as versatility to list products on non-HTML devices, after July 17, 2021, we will stop supporting the use of HTML tags in the product description on product detail pages. Please refrain from We discourage any use using of HTML content on detail pages as outlined on our Product detail page rules Help page.

We encourage you to update any product detail page for your listings with an HTML tag ahead of the date indicated above. You can use Seller Central or your usual channel for such updates.

Any product description containing HTML tags in the product detail page which are not supported after July 17, 2021, will stop showing HTML formatting. For example, if you use HTML tags in one line of a product description, the line might be removed or shown without HTML formatting, depending on the usage of the tag.

For more information, go to Product detail page rules.

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Can we get a sample of what you are talking about?


Isn’t really any internet connected device nowadays support HTML?


For years Amazon was saying: we don’t support line breaks and bold text in product description editor. Please use html tags to separate paragraphs and highlight most important words in product description.
Now they are saying: forget about it. We will just pile everything in product description so no one can read it. If you want nice product description please get your brand registered and use A+ content


No more paragraph breaks…

Will fix all those stupid emojis people put in bullets!


Step 167 in cleaning this catalog up…

No complaints here.


LOL, but … the paragraph and bold are usually helpful.

I can’t complain about the removal of all the other cr@p though.


Gees Amazon. You’re killing us today …

First, Policy update: Automatic verification of customer A-to-z Guarantee Claims with proof of tracking, and now this.

You should leave in the paragraph and bold, and even allow bullets. This is easily programmed in I would think.


That’s what Brand Registry is for.

Again, I don’t disagree with you but this is one of those situations where when amazon gives an inch, bad sellers take a mile. So here we go with Amazon just using a sledge hammer to make a change.


I think this is poorly written news - The right shall be " Please refrain from using any HTML content …" lol


Description doesn’t even show up for some listings if they have A+ Content so doesn’t even matter if its readable. I’ve just been using it to place more keywords. HTML formatting just takes up space.


I think you are right. That after the date, there will be some tags that are still allowable i.e.

    . Because without these legacy tag, the whole description will just be a blob of textual content and hard to read at all.

    I am getting the clue from this sentence “Any product description containing HTML tags in the product detail page which are not supported after July 17…”, which is the HTML tags …which are not supported. In other words, there will be some that are supported, right?


This sucks for handmade sellers because until recently the only way we could arrange our listings with even a line break, forget about the use of bullets, was to use html. Major nightmare for us to have to edit all of these listings!


I’m not getting what they want%) to delete HTML from the description and then what? what to use instead? or it’s going to work normally and be readable?


This makes me think that they tell one person to write up a quick post and send it. This doesn’t appear to have been checked over by any supervisor or peer.

As for the line break discussion, can we get a moderator to clarify what is and what isn’t allowed in the description? The post above “discourages” the use of HTML, yet the Product Detail Page Rules help page states the following:

  • Don’t use HTML, JavaScript, or other types of code in your product detail pages. As a special case, you can use line breaks </br> in the description.

So can we use line breaks or not?


THIS right here. Most of us arent using anything crazy, just line breaks, bold and occasionally bullets when needed. There needs to be an exception for handmade, or a better way to make the listings readable.


Greatourdescriptions willeventuallylooklikethisandwewill paytohaveboldandbulletpointsviasponsoredformatting.


Does Blink still work?


I attempted to edit a listing that does have HTML code in the description, but Amazon did not accept the change and the description with the HTML code is still live. I did not change anything else in the description other than removing the HTML code. Is there a route I can take other than calling seller support? I also waited longer than 24 hours.