Chargeback and AtoZ


As we all know media mail can take any amount of time from quick to slow. Sent a $245 book insured. 10 days later customer files chargeback with credit card company. Not even an inquiry as to status of shipment. Book delivered 4 days later. I provided Amazon with tracking/delivery confirmation. Amazon says “insufficient information.” Sides with customer. AtoZ claim for record album not received. Three days later customer receives item. I give Amazon tracking and arrival info. Not good enough. I lose again. AtoZ claim on 2 month old order. Customer says he didn’t receive it. Tracking indicates they did a month and a half ago. Not good enough for Amazon. I used to have a love/hate relationship with this company. Guess where it is now?


id you purchase your shipping label thru Amazon? did you already appeal your A-Z claim? did you file a Safe-T-Claim already? is some options around


It does not matter what tracking says.

If there is no signature Amazon will only fund claim if shipping was purchased from Amazon.


More from abyssbooks2. On top of this Amazon threatens to release me if I don’t get my act together. Most all of this is a USPS issue. Did not purchase label thru Amazon. Will now. Appealed A-Z. What is Sate-T-Claim? Can customer who wins chargeback be taken to court? This is theft plain and simple.


You can not take Amazon customer to a court.
they never purchased anything from you. They went to Amazon site, agreed to Amazon terms and purchased from Amazon. They paid money to Amazon and their filed claim against amazon.

Amazon may have used your money to fund this claim but this is what you agreed with Amazon about. You can take Amazon to court if you did not.