Changing your Listing status for vacations, holidays, and other absences


If you are unable to fulfill orders for any reason, such as a vacation or family emergency, we recommend changing your Listings Status to Inactive. The change will remove your self-fulfilled listings from the corresponding Amazon product detail pages within one hour. When you are ready to sell again, you can change the status of your listings back to Active, and your listings will reappear within one hour.

Before changing the status of your listings, check for any pending orders, since these will not be cancelled automatically. You might want to set your listing status to Inactive prior to the date you will be away, since pending orders may take time to resolve. See how to make the change for one or more marketplaces in your Vacation Settings page.

Any applicable monthly subscription fees will continue to be charged, even if the fees are due while your listings are set to inactive.

You must also process return requests and respond to messages from customers within 24 hours, even if your listings are set to Inactive.

When you are ready to sell again, change your Listings Status back to active by repeating the steps above on the Vacation Settings page. This time select Active instead of Inactive and your listings will reappear within one hour.

Find more information about how to change your Listing Status here.


@SEAmod Can you please verify for us that what is stated here is true? There are multiple threads in the past where people have put their account on vacation mode and when re-activated it suspended their account for “verification” reasons. Has this been corrected?


Why is this needed as opposed to using the normal vacation setting?


Please bring back the reminder on the dashboard page that our account is in holiday mode!


so everything as it was till now - what had changed ?

and yes - please add the banner on main page alerting you that you are set in Vaca mode with the link to the mode to update changes.

or may be amazon could make another “widget” that Vaca is on ?

to pro seller i guess - and amazon is not doing any more these pro seller options


Can anyone verify if it is true that you loose ranking/placement for all your listings anytime you change to a vacation or inactive mode?


its not you. If any listing sales drop for any reason - even you are up and running but the sales slowed - this rank will rise and automatically placement get updated.
so if you are the sole seller for a listing - that will happen. - option is fba


The fact that you are still required to reply to messages while your account is in “vacation” status is absolutely ridiculous. Amazon cannot figure out a way for their system to send an auto generated reply to someone that sends a message, stating that the seller’s account is temporarily inactive? Can someone confirm that Amazon systems are that lame?


We are confused --what is the difference between Inactive and Vacation Mode–and when should each respectively be used? Is the Vacation mode being replaced with Inactive? Should we assume after the vacation, or whatever interruption to selling has ended, when switching back to “active” mode (or whatever the actual title is) --there is no re-verification etc. of account?


I am also confused. Maybe this is just a reminder that it’s possibe? A ‘remember we have this feature’? Everything described is just the vacation mode that was always there. It already says “Current status of listings: Inactive” (or active if you don’t have vacation mode enabled)

I am an international seller and have my account in vacation mode at the moment as I can’t guarantee a 6 week shipping with customs delays anywhere from 2 days to 7 weeks, so I have shut off any FBM listings by going in vacation mode and only doing the more popular products through FBA (I don’t mind popular stuff at FBA as I know it’ll sell, more specific products I do FBM or they’d be in a warehouse for very long, so I’m not even missing out on a ton of sales). But I am scared of the verification suspension when the time comes to enable listings again. So if there is another feature to try, I’d like to know.


I’m a little confused also. I have used the vacation setting a few times in years past and I see no difference when I click on the link above to look at the vacation setting. Unless my memory fails me nothing has changed. What worries me is the several posts in the last month from sellers whom used the vacation settings and when they tried to turn everything back on were told they needed to verify their account and suspended them.

It would be nice if we could get a clarification. Is this just a reminder of something that was already in place or is there something new here that I’m missing. Starting to feel like there is always a catch here…


I believe this is a reminder, possibly (just my guess) targeted to some Sellers who continue to request concessions on metrics and suspensions from Amazon related to shipping to Buyers, receiving their inventory from overseas, or moving purchases between dropshippers and Buyers.

I feel like this is Amazon’s way of saying “no more forgiveness; you’ve had time to work this out by now.” :neutral_face:


This was a terrific job of Amazon that appears was only trying to remind people of this function/notify some that it is available, and instead confused everyone for failing to specify that they weren’t addressing anything new. Once again, thank you for complicating yet another simple thing


amazon suspended my account for verification after vacation mode was turned off


Hi, Amazon,

  1. As requested by other sellers, please reinstate the “you are on vacation” reminder to the seller dashboard

  2. Please provide an option to set the Vacation/Inactive mode for the following:

  • starting today or starting on a specific future date (enter date or select from a calendar grid)

  • ending on a specific date (enter date or select from a calendar grid)

  • or ending is undetermined (select infinity or 12/31/9999 or blank)

For example, if I will be gone for Labor Day I can set my vacation to start from Friday, 9/4 and to end on Tuesday, 9/8. If I don’t know when I will be back I can choose to start it on 9/4 and the end date is undetermined.

Please display the day of the week and the date to make it easier for the seller to confirm the date selected is accurate.